The new bots? Stupid but productive!

What is the lesson we all learned during this years of so much buzz around AI and chatbots? Simply, if you give to humans an “intelligent” bot they will play with him only trying to see if he is really so smart.

As TechCrunch suggested in 2016, “Chatbots that try to do too much usually fail”. This is why the big “bot revolution” failed in the short term. Facebook M has been a disillusionment and it is a closed experiment. The reason for this failure is that companies were focused on the wrong thing: They were building intelligent bots instead of productive bots.

Instead “Today’s best bots solve narrow problems. They don’t try to be human, they don’t do everything and they can’t hold a continuous conversation on most topics. What they can do, though, they do very well.” (Forbes)

AI and Chatbots must be focused on specific knowledge bases.

And Faqbots are the best instance of this paradigm. They can’t hold a conversation, they are just trained to reply to few, frequent questions, trying to recognise common questions as better as possible. Users are, by nature, lazy. If the FAQs section is in the sitemap they rarely a user will try to search inside it. Users will contact the support team. With the live chat. Here they will find a bot who is waiting, like a smart-agent, who only tries to recognise faqs, nothing else. If the bot recognises a faq the user is generally happy and he will never switch to a human agent. And here you will save costs!

And if the support team is partitioned into groups (or departments) you can also further partition the FAQ KB (Knowledge Base ) on the same basis and assign a bot to each KB. So every bot is more focused on each argument and the probability for the smart-agent to be wrong will decrease. And you will save more money.

Our Chatbots here in have a proven success up to 30% of hits on the FAQ Knowledge base.

This is money, not just statistics. And our bots are very easy to set up because of their nature. They are Faqbots. If you already have a FAQ KB you will have a bot up and running in minutes. But after uploading your FAQs, you will have to do one more thing: choosing a name for your bot. Now put him at work!

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