Tiledesk Activity Log

In the effort of providing the best possible “enterprise experience” we are releasing a bunch of add-ons and tools that Admins can use to improve the quality of provided support and monitoring live chat resource consuming.

This month we just released the Activity Log, a control panel, reach of features, where you can monitor your teammates activities.

Monitoring actions of your Agents in Live Chat

The Tiledesk Activity Log is available only to Enterprise level customers.

It includes the basic audit logging features in that it tracks Who, What, When and Where did something.


tiledesk activities dashboard


Retroactive Audit Record for Monitoring Live Chat

The first thing you’ll notice if you enable Activity Log for an active account is that it has a historical record of the audit events from the accounts inception (no matter what account type you started with). This can be useful if you need to enable the audit log after the fact for an incident analysis.

Available from the API

Tiledesk does maintain a well documented and easy to access API for the audit trail activity, which makes it easy to pull out data into external systems. Please refer to appropriate section of the manual for more info on Activity Log APIs


Tiledesk has implemented filtering into their audit trail.


Tiledesk filtering feature

When you’re looking at an audit trail you can click on a date range, Agent or Action type to filter down to only matching events. This filtering allows the user to filtering to the date interval, Agents and Actions in all Activities’ history.

You can also track multiple Activity types all together, adding them to the Activity filter.

multiple activity tracker

Undeletable Audit Trail

Activity log is Immutable and Undeletable. Primary audit trail can’t be altered neither through API that are read-only too. This is very important for the purpose of consider all these activities “certified” and “affordable” at an enterprise level.

Export options

Actually in development, and coming very soon. A button will be available to export all Activity Log and eventually import all the data in the analysis tool of your choice or to simply store activities into your own data center.

Enjoy Tiledesk and don’t forget to check our blog for the latest news!

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