Release notes – October 2020


New features, unified messaging, DialogFlow connector and more


This was a great month for the Tiledesk team. We released a bunch of new features for Agents as canned responses, tags and notes and still more will come in November.

We have done even more with chatbots, providing native Dialogflow connection and more buttons (url and action) supported by our web widget.

On the messaging side we added unified messaging. Beyond enhancing the “live chat” features, we would like the Agents to stay on the platform to get rid of all the messaging benefits coming from Tiledesk. So Agents can chat with their colleagues using Android, iOS or web Apps and yes, we think that chatbots are first-class colleagues to chat with 😉

So, the idea from here on, will be to have more AI chatting with humans in the platform, from agents to end-users.

Have a nice read and see you next month with a couple of big surprises 😎

New features: Canned responses

Canned responses are predefined responses that can be called during the chat. To use it in Tiledesk, you type “/” (forward slash) and follow it with a word or the first few letters of any word that is included in the response.

You can also create a more engaging experience for your customers by using customisation in your message. See here the complete guide.

New features: Tags

Your customer support team will deal with a range of message types – from bugs, to product feedback, to complaints, to feature requests. A good support team not only resolves each customer problem, but they’ll go one step further and tag each message. Over time, you’ll then gather a great store of valuable information about everything your customers are telling you – and it will all be easily searchable later.

By tagging your messages and sharing your findings, you can make sure the right feedback is available to the right people in your company. They help you categorize and organize all customer communication in your Tiledesk account. More info here.

New features: Notes

Add internal notes to conversations and discuss customer questions behind the scenes with teammates before replying.
Often a message needs to be seen by another member of your team. Maybe they’re better placed to answer it, or maybe you need their opinion before replying. Now you can add an internal note so a teammate get notified and directed to that conversation. Discover how to add a note here.

New widget languages

We added new pre-translated widget languages, available for Spanish, Castilian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish, you for your audience.

Move to Settings > Widget > Widget languages and choose your favourite language.

Unified messaging

Now the agents can always stay into Tiledesk and use integrated chatting tools that they already use for the live chat users to also chat with their teammates.

With unified messaging Tiledesk acts as a standard messaging service, like Whatsapp or Telegram, with plenty of tools like mobile and web chat applications.

Today the agents can use these tools to chat with end users that are initiating conversations from the website widget or Facebook/Whatsapp channels as well as to chat between them to solve problems without ever leaving Tiledesk.

Just press the pencil button and all the magic (= the list of all of your teammates collaborating on all of your projects) appears!

New mobile apps

With Tiledesk October release also came out new versions of our Android and iOS mobile chat tools.

All written in native code (Java and Objc/Swift) for the best user experience, now both the apps offer unified messaging features. The agents can use these apps to manage end users conversations as well as chatting with their colleagues. Go to your favourite store and just give a try!


New Widget buttons

URL buttons

The URL button opens an external or internal (to the widget) browser view. Read more.

Action buttons

When a user presses an action button, an “action” message is sent to the chatbot. This is useful if you want to invoke a remote “callback” with a specific “tag”, with or without sending a real message to your chatbot engine. Read more.

Native Dialogflow Bot

An easily customisable component that provides configuration of a Dialogflow agent integration directly in your conversation, without writing a single line of code.

See you next month! 😎

…and meanwhile enjoy Tiledesk and don’t forget to check our blog for the latest news!

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