RASA chatbots are onboard! No-code, zero-effort integration

Tiledesk is an open source conversational platform.

With Tiledesk you can fully customize your conversations to provide your users the next-gen UI model: the conversational application. And all of the code is open source.

Conversational applications are the new way to solve users’ problems. With Tiledesk you will complete your tasks (and solve your problems) just conversing, instead of using a monolithic UI. With Tiledesk, this new approach is totally open source.

In a conversation the user can solve their problems simply texting. They will converse with many actors (humans, chatbots – and with UI components too) to complete their tasks. All of this is made possible with our open source technology.

Tiledesk has its own native chatbot, the Resolution Bot. However sometimes developers prefer their own NLP technology, their own AI, their preferred chatbot technology. And we love those technologies too because they are a great source of inspiration throughout our path to create the next-gen customer service experience.

One of this incredible technologies is RASA. They have the open source DNA that we love. We really appreciate their technology, because there is so much to learn from their platform. There are many advantages for RASA users to connect their chatbots to Tiledesk. Mainly because it’s a very common task today to scale a chatbot conversation up to humans (chatbot-to-human deflection). Once that the RASA chatbot handoff the conversation to a human Tiledesk will provide all his native human-power with many great tools, like departments, waiting queues, skill based routing etc.

From today, thanks to the Tiledesk native RASA connector, you can deflect your conversation from your RASA chatbot to a human in one minute, without coding.

The no-code RASA chatbot Connector

We already developed a simple tutorial to connect RASA to Tiledesk using our external chatbot technology. It was awsome to see how many developers connected their own RASA server to Tiledesk to get all the additional features that Tiledesk provides. So we decided to simplify the RASA-Tiledesk connection, bringing it to the no-code, one-minute experience. Today we released the RASA AI Connector, a very simple tool to connect your RASA chatbot to Tiledesk. You only have to provide your RASA server webhooks url et … voilà… the connection is made. Just start a conversation and play with your RASA chatbot!

Move to humans when needed, simply replying with \agent (a Tiledesk chatbot directive) in one of your chatbot replies.

Don’t forget to follow the no-code RASA AI chatbot Connector official guide available in our Help Center.

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