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Boost your customer satisfaction and stay on top of your clients’ requests

Unhappy clients are expensive – there’s no other way to put it. They’re expensive in terms of the effort it costs you to handle and solve clients’ issues as well as in terms of potentially having to reimburse them in the event you weren’t speedy enough to provide an answer to their problem. Organizations keenly monitor customer dissatisfaction because it can negatively impact the business, create a bad reputation, and also lead to loss of customer loyalty. Once you’ve installed your personalized Tiledesk widget on your website and/or integrated your preferred communications channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger, you’re halfway to both boosting prospects number as well as staying on top of your customers’ requests. This will increase customer satisfaction – and you’ve come full circle. 

How? Sign up to Tiledesk multichannel free live chat and try our push notifications

Be responsive. Bail on emails and phone calls –  turn to live real-time chat. You will instantly reduce your First Response time and improve your customer retention rate. In times where instant messaging has become the norm (especially among the gen Z), customer expectations have increased, demanding quick and efficient responses. Bear this in mind and you’ll quickly increase customer satisfaction.

A simple way for you and your team to deal with clients during your operating hours * is to make sure your desktop sound is loud and clear enough. 

Never miss a prospective or current customer’s message by enabling the Tiledesk notifications system.

You can pick and choose some or all three of the supported types of notification:

You and your team will always receive notifications for new messages or assigned support-chats with a special pop-up window and an associated sound. Tiledesk will always do its best to ensure you never lose any new content or task assigned to you, with particular focus on new messages, through the following:

  • Console pop-up notification
  • Desktop pop-up notification
  • Unread badge counter
Increase customer satisfaction. Sign up for Tiledesk multichannel free live chat and try our push notifications

Example of Tiledesk push notifications – sign up and try it for free!


Importantly, you will need to give Tiledesk permissions to show them in the browser. Learn how to do it in:

Configuring  push notifications in Chrome + Configuring push notification in Firefox

And don’t forget: for any feedback or issue, feel free to pop in on our Discord channel 📣 We love to hear success stories, especially how to increase customer satisfaction.

For more info on who we are, what we do, or what is our shtick, visit Tiledesk.com 👩‍🚀or directly sign up for free (no credit card needed)

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