What’s new on Tiledesk? (July ’22 Newsletter)

In the hopes of refreshing a tad your blazing summer, here’s what Tiledesk is been up to in the last month. * sips a giant tropical cocktail *

Government Open Source Software Catalogue

Tiledesk, has successfully passed the review process run by the Italian Developers team (AgID) and has been featured in the Open Source software catalogue, drawn up especially for the government organisations.

You can now chat on Discord with Tiledesk team and other developers

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Breaking news for our developers community!

We’ve switched to MIT Open Source License
moved to Single Codebase

But what does this mean for you?

First and foremost: more freedom, as a MIT license is a short and simple permissive license that will enable hundreds of developers to get their hand dirty with our project.

And the Single Codebase?

Additional features, such as Multiple Projects, Departments, Canned responses AND MANY MORE, are now available in the free Community version.

Rasa chatbots are onboard

One thing about Tiledesk: we absolutely adore exploring the AI twists and turns. While we have been invested in further developing our built-in chatbots, we are massive supporters of other thrilling chatbot technology developers, such as Rasa, who are open source lovers just like us. That’s why we’ve developed no-code Rasa chatbot connector for our conversational platform.

Did you notice? We’ve got a new logo, too. And we love it ❤️

Please give us your two cents on it – we have been and remain invested in our supporters’ opinion

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