Tiledesk Product Update – Q2 2022

What’s new in Tiledesk?

“Boost customer service” is what we have in mind when refining our product and services, so check out the latest developments from the Q2 2022. From new languages like Ukrainian and Arabic, to Notification alerts, to RASA AI integration to email ticketing and App store.

New Languages

You can now choose Ukrainian or Arabic as your dashboard language. See how to change your preferred language.

Tiledesk Dashboard in Ukrainian

tiledesk arabicNotifications

The chat is synchronized with the notifications sound preferences (enable / disable) set in the dashboard.

The foreground notifications are now live with the ability to be redirected to the corresponding chat conversation if clicked. Learn more about Notifications

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Widget Unbranding

With our Pro Plan you can now easily change the default Widget launch button.

Unbranding as well as customizing of the Widget footer is also available in Settings > Widget within the Pro Plan.

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You can now create RASA-type bots Here’s the Rasa AI Integration tutorial.

boost your customer service

You can also select a pre-built template when creating a ‘Resolution bot’.

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You can restrict access to Tiledesk to only those users within a range of IP addresses. Go to Security tab in Settings > Project Settings.


The Email item in the menu allows you to create a ticket by quickly sending an email. Go to Settings > Email and/or check our guide here.


You can now create apps on the App Store page, from your own Help Center (beta) to your CRM or WA/FB/Telegram integration and many more.

tiledesk app store

Additionally, the newly enhanced App Sidebar is here: you can change dynamically the height of the app iframe based on the number of apps installed.

You can have a complete overview of created apps created in the app store page. Every chat will have the apps’ details in the right conversation sidebar of both your dashboard and the webchat.


There’s plenty of new features regarding our Monitor section on the dashboard that gives you an overview of your current conversations.

  • NEW ENTRY: a pop-up window of the conversation’s message showing the main information of the conversation.
  • You can also send a message directly from the conversation detail page.
  • NEW ENTRY: an accordion to the right sidebar of the conversation details that displays the contact’s conversations has been added.
  • Tooltips added to the conversation icons on the “monitor” page, on the “non-real-time” conversations page and on the history page
  • The ability to see the preview of the chat by hovering the mouse over the message column in the real-time conversations page 
  • The ability to filter the conversations by Ticket ID and Conversation Type on the history page and non-real-time conversations page 
  • The ability to reopen an archived conversation on the history page
  • The ability to archive multiple conversations at the same time in the “monitor” page 
  •  The ability to tag a teammate on their details page


  • You can now change your preferred credit card for the subscription payments.
  • In “Your Projects” page, every project will show a blue badge indicating what type of plan your project is subscribed to: Free, Pro or Enterprise.

boost your customer service

Feel free to track all of the products updates in real-time on our Discord channel.

We’d also love to hear your success stories! Let us know if these product developments have helped you boost customer service.

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