Tiledesk Product Update – July 2022

What’s new in Tiledesk?

Personalise your dashboard according to your preferred language, build custom apps, ensure no useful piece of customer’s info is lost thanks to internal and public notes for your agents, and more.

New Languages

You can now choose Swedish, Uzbek, Kazakh and Azerbaijani (in beta) as your dashboard language. See how to change your preferred language. 

personalise your dashboard

App Store

If you populate the “Configure URL” field, as shown in the pictures below, the “Configure” button will now appear in the app card on the App Store page. To learn how to build a Custom app have a look here.

tiledesk app store

Additionally, a modal confirmation window is displayed before deleting an app.


Here’s the complete list of this month’s latest features:

  • The decreased zoom of the map is available both on the monitor page and on the conversation details page.
  • The map is centred at the location coordinates both on the conversation detail page and in the chat “conversation info” sidebar.
  • NEW ENTRY: the “location” icon to the detail page of the conversation which allows you to display your users’ location on the map.
  • You can download images from the chat section of the conversation detail page.
  • NEW ENTRY: you can add a “Public Answer” or “Internal Note” type of messages from the conversation detail page. These features are particularly useful for a seamless ticketing system that we like to call conversational ticketing.

tiledesk public and private notes


  • The features available in the “Pro” plan as well as the “Enterprise” plan are now up-to-date with all new features on the pricing page.
  • Try our enhanced “Add Trigger” and “Edit Trigger” options on the Triggers section. Go to Settings > Triggers (beta). You can also read our Getting Started with Triggers guide.
  • Try our enhanced dynamic height of apps sidebar iframes.
  • Check out our updated “Installation” menu item in the “Settings sidebar”. It redirects to the Installation page where the code for installing the widget is available.

personalise your dashboard

Our Widget has also been improved

You’ll notice a couple of new things, such as the removal of the scroll bar. New entries, on the other hand, are:

  • a new minimalist font
  • emoticons
  • single conversations

We’ve added the latter after so many of you have expressed the need for it. This means that now there’s a possibility to only have single conversation (as opposed to keeping a history of your end users’ conversations within the widget). You can learn how to prevent multiple conversations here.

Feel free to track all of the products updates in real-time on our Discord channel

We’d also love to hear your success stories! Let us know if these product developments have helped you efficiently personalise your dashboard and boost customer service.

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