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Tiledesk Multichannel Chatbot for WhatsApp – part 2

Continues from Tiledesk Adaptive multichannel for Whatsapp – part 1 – In this article we’ll see how Tiledesk “Adaptive multichannel” technology for WhatsApp handles the unexpected. What happens for example if you design your chatbot reply with 4 (four) buttons while Whatsapp only supports a maximum of 3 (three) buttons?

Managing the unexpected

In the previous example we already know that a feature (the three buttons) was supported by the two channels (the Web Widget and Whatsapp) that we included in our conversations.

But what happens when some feature is supported by one channel and not by the other one?

Suppose for example that you want to add no more 3 but 5 buttons – for the first 5 most requested FAQs.

This will be a problem on design a chatbot on Whatsapp because it only supports a maximum number of 3 buttons for quick replies. If you have more than 3 buttons you must switch to a different feature.

For Tiledesk there is no problem, Tiledesk’s Web Widget supports up to 20 Quick Replies in a single reply.

Now you have to deal with a differential solution for the two channels. With a different technology you should write different replies for the two channels. With Tiledesk this is not the case. Let’s simply modify the original reply to support 5 buttons, adding 2 more!

We just replied with:

Hello to My Brand Site!

Please choose an option 👇
* My Brand Overview
* I forgot my password
* Where is my cart
* Edit my last order
* Cancel my last order

We added two more buttons to the original three. Let’s see how our chatbot reply is rendered in Tiledesk:

Well, just what was expected. And… in Whatsapp? Let’s start a new conversation to check the chatbot design !

Something changed effectively. Tiledesk noticed that you are providing more than three buttons and he chose to “adapt” the feature to something more comfortable in Whatsapp, the “Choose option” button, that Whatsapp provides when there are more than three options!

As you can see there it was an automatic conversion of the original design to easily choose the best Wahtsapp component that fits your design.

There is much more you can do with Tiledesk Adaptive Multichannel technology. Just see the documentation to discover how Tiledesk deals with videos, images, Buttons with URLs, and also visual Applications embedded in the conversation, something special that only Tiledesk supports on multiple channels!

See you on our next article on the amazing Tiledesk Chatbots World! 🙂

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