How to increase customer engagement online

Are you starting a new business? Are visitors coming to your website but they are not performing any action inside it? Do you want to increase customer engagement online? You’re in the right place then! With Tiledesk you can give a positive answer to all these questions. Read below how we helped Softlab and Cairo RCS Store to enrich their marketing strategy with a front chat widget and a chatbot.
This customer story will also inspire you to:
  • build your next customer journey and customer engagement strategy
  • increase the number of activations on your digital channels
  • offer your visitors a smooth onboarding process


CairoRCS is one of the main Italian publishing groups. Within its network there are the main national newspapers (Corriere della Sera, Gazzetta dello Sport, etc.) and important television channels like LA7. In recent years they did a real digital transformation and within this strategy they now have a network of over 25 websites, among the most authoritative in Italy.

Furthermore they are offering to the advertisers the possibility to promote their products and services in self-provisioning directly on CairoRCS Store network. This is possible thanks to the self-serve advertising platform that has been developed by Softlab together with Bucksense.

Softlab is a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. It is active on an international scale in Business Advisory, ICT Consulting and Digital Sales & Marketing, while Bucksense is a MartTech company with HQ in New York.

The Challenge: increase customer engagement online

During the summer of 2022, CairoRCS did a great communication campaign about the launch of the self-serve advertising platform bringing thousands of new visitors to their landing page.

boost customer engagement

The results of the first campaigns were good. Anyway both CairoRCS and Softlab were looking to activate more customers to their self-serve advertising platform. They also had the goal of increasing the number of sign-up, top-up and digital ADV campaigns planned.

Softlab and CairoRCS had the need to increase the conversion rate of their acquisition channel. They also need, at the same time, to offer a smooth onboarding to their new advertisers considering the innovation of their solution.

Actually there are really few companies that provide the possibility to advertisers to choose where they can post their ads, when and to whom. They are the Walled Gardens AdTech ecosystems (Google, Facebook and Amazon) and a few others.

So the challenge was to clearly explain to the people interested in doing ADV on, and how the selve-serve advertising platforms works and guide them step by step about how to put live their first ADV campaign.

The Solution: Tiledesk open source chatbot builder

Why don’t give the website visitors the possibility of asking for more info about this brand new innovative solution? This was the question that Davide Carnevale, Senior Manager of Softlab, asked himself.

Davide also explained:

“The Tiledesk solution allowed us in less than 12 hours to get in touch with customers who needed to quickly clarify some aspects of the platform. The simplicity of installation, in our case via Google Tag Manager and the customisation of the chatbot are two of the features that impressed me about Tiledesk.

Within only 24 hrs, a fully-functioning chatbot as a virtual assistant was ready to handle over 50 customers’ queries and, in more complex cases, interact with a human operator. Even our operators who use the interface daily find it easy and intuitive.”

But let’s go and see together the virtual assistant chatbot open source designed by Davide and his team with a No-Code approach, without writing a single line of code to build chatbots.

We introduce you to “Carletto”, a typical Italian name for a virtual assistant 😎

It welcomes new visitors and customers with an IVR menu, giving the possibility to select an option of their choice.

front chat widget - increase customer engagement online

Do you want to discover how easy it is to create a "Proactive Chatbot" with Design Studio?

Watch the video below and see how to create a Proactive Chatbot that can boost your engagement.

In case you prefer to read there are a couple of interesting quick guides in our knowledge base:
Furthermore you are also in the right place, if your Company:
  • has already made technological investments on other open source chatbot framework
  • are looking for a high performing and appealing front chat widget
Do you know that you can easily integrate a Rasa assistant or Dialogflow virtual agent with Tiledesk in just a few clicks to manage live agent handoffs?

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With our chatbot conversation design technology you can effortlessly bring your virtual agents and assistants also on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This omni-channel marketing strategy will increase customer engagement online.

…and do you know what the best part is? Tiledesk will do the leg work for you…

It’s all No-Code!

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