Tiledesk Product Update – October 2022πŸŽƒ

October 2022 Product update

We’ve officially entered the last quarter of the year 2022. And the word of the month is design! Being into design isn’t really an Italian stereotype – it’s the naked truth when it comes to our team at Tiledesk. We also like to think you’d appreciate the style & functionality combo as well. That’s why we’ve introduced free chatbot templates ready to use and easy to edit.

If you’re looking to adopt as well as adapt a chatbot to your needs, we’ve got you covered. You can pick and choose as well as combine a chatbot template for your customer service or if you wish to automate your repetitive queries. All with one click only. Do not forget that these chatbots also run on other communication channels such as WhatsApp Business, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Here's what we've improved

What's different on the widget

Firstly, the widget style and design show a great deal of improvement thanks to the refactoring. The png images do not have the bubble background anymore; instead they blend with the widget automatically. Also, when you hover on the images, you’ll notice a slight zoom in.

Secondly, the chatbot name doesn’t appear above the avatar anymore but within the message. Lastly, our pre-chat form looks much sassier.

What's different in our Conversation section

If you go to the Monitor section on the dashboard, which shows all of the conversations, you will notice three new options when sending a message. You can send a message as:

  • “Open” if the conversation is still ongoing.
  • “Pending” if you’re waiting for an important piece of info that puts the entire conversation on hold (e.g. customer’s phone number).
  • “Resolved” which will automatically archive the conversation once the message has been sent (e.g. when you thank the customer for their patience).
open close or pending conversations

Moreover, you can now convert a conversation to “Offline” so that it will be treated as a ticket assigned to a specific agent. The agent will then have enough time to resolve the issue offline without having to worry that the conversation may get lost and/or reassigned to another agent. For that reason, the option of the smart assign will get automatically disabled.

smart conversation assignment on/off
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