Tiledesk Product Update – November 2022❄️

Winter is fast approaching and you can guess what’s been keeping our Engineers Team warm. That’s right – working on Tiledesk improvements and further development. In this monthly update, we’ll go through:

And much more! Keep reading.


New Onboarding journey

Try adding a new project, if you already have a Tiledesk account, or simply sign up NOW to check out this beauty. You will be able to add a chatbot as soon as you give your project a name. That way you’ll be ready to go live with your live chat with both humans and chatbots within minutes. This is your new onboarding journey.

new notification sounds

new sound notification

new sound notification

New Sound Notification tones x 3

In order to make your customer service via live chat more efficient as ever, there are now 3 types of notifications. You will never skip a conversation again. This makes our heart skip a beat.

  1. Short & sweet sound notification for NEW messages in an existing conversation. You will be notified of every update regarding your current customer conversations.
  2. Prolonged sound notification for a brand NEW conversation. The sound will not interrupt until you open the conversation that was assigned to you.
  3. Another shorter sound notification for every NEW unassigned conversation. If all of your agents are offline, your conversations will be in a specific area above your current list of assigned conversations, as per the screenshot. The reason why there is a sound notification for those conversations too, is that you won’t forget about them and will be able to join them or assign them to your teammates as soon as possible.

new sound notification

New Form Builder

If you’re looking to gather customer personal info or engage your customers in a fun and easy way, you can build a form. Thanks to a form builder, you can create a set a questions as well as follow-ups. For example, you can ask for a customer full name and after the customer provides it to you, your chatbot will follow up asking for their email address, too. But it doesn’t end here. You quickly adapt a pre-made set of questions or customize it yourself from scratch.

You’ve got three options for a Form Builder:

  • Base: it asks for a full name and email only
  • Advanced: it asks for full name, email, phone and company address
  • Custom: tailor it as much as you please!

new sound notification

ON-PREM FREE WhatsApp Business Integration

A completely free WhatsApp Business integration is now available also for Tiledesk on-premise installation. All you need to do is download the new Docker Compose and let us know how it goes. Any feedback on our Discord channel is always very much appreciated.

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