Best chatbot templates (free download)

A chatbot template (free download) includes the most basic conversation flow according to its specific task. After that, you may easily edit and personalize it. You can create a chatbot from the beginning, but pre-built chatbot templates make it easier to adapt and implement. You can also get some valuable ideas from free chatbot templates.

Choose your chatbot website template.

Customer Service Template

This chatbot can assist your agent in focusing on essential discussions while leaving low-value inquiries to the chatbots. It will also be pleasant for your consumers since they will receive immediate answers. This chatbot may assist clients with problems that do not require human intervention. If the customer’s query still needs to be resolved, it forwards the inquiry to a human representative.

Leads Generation Template

A leads generation chatbot template for analysis and potential future enhancements gathers the most valuable client data. Generating qualify leads is something every business is fighting for. You may divide your target market based on preferences or other factors like location and increase your market and revenue more efficiently.

IVR Menu Template

The intent, context, and content of clients can all recognize by the conversational IVR template. Then, customer support productivity will increase by providing a dynamic client experience and responding in Natural Language.

Customer Rating Template

You must understand the viewpoints of your customers to make any changes. Client feedback is the most reliable indicator of how to enhance the customer experience. Which also helps you identify the aspects of your products and services that customers value. Without consumer intake, you are blindly moving forward.

FAQ Template

Automate replies to frequently asked questions or other repeated support requests. The intriguing aspect of this design is how chatbots, which harness the power of artificial intelligence, can comprehend consumer intent and give the most relevant article or post about it. In this case, the consumer will immediately receive a thorough answer to their question, which pleases customers. It’s a clever strategy for getting the most from your knowledge base content.

Discount Template

Through a clear yet powerful discount showcasing, the Discount chatbot will enable you to increase your sales. Additionally, it will motivate your clients to subscribe to your newsletter, which will work like a lead generation bot in return for a discount code. All landing pages can include an advertising banner which you can make with Adobe’s banner maker tool.

Ecommerce Template

When a consumer visits your website, the e-commerce chatbot will begin assisting them, emphasizing your products and encouraging people to consider your special offers. According to the statistics, quick responses decrease the likelihood of cart abandonment and boost consumer engagement. Letting your clients know where you are located and giving them a choice to speak to live agents will also increase their sense of nearness to you.

Place an Order Template

The chatbot template for placing an order enables your customers to do so right from live chat. Your consumers may place an order for the goods and request supplementary information all in one go. The rate of cart abandonment will drastically decline thanks to this chatbot.

Offline Form Template

You may fulfill your objective of keeping all customer-related data on hand even while you are offline. You may quickly gather clients’ contact information around-the-clock with the help of the Offline Chatbot template. When you reactivate your PC, everything will be waiting for you. You may communicate with your clients at your own speed.

Get a Quote Chatbot Template

Make complicated calculations for taxes and/or shipping costs visible and apparent. Your consumers can get a quotation using an automated series of questions, an itemized list of your goods and services, and VAT, where applicable. There will be no more back-and-forth using scattered emails. Ensure that your clients’ decisions when buying your products and services are entirely informed!

Helpdesk Tickets ChatBot Template

You’ll become an expert at ticketing because of the Master Ticketer. Through a straightforward chat window, your customers can rapidly report technical or any other kind of issue. You will get all the vital information needed to offer assistance. With the helpdesk chatbot template, your clients will only spend time attempting to contact you.

Create your own chatbot

Though templates might be a great starting point, you can also create a chatbot conversation flow from the beginning. Templates are simple to use and provide you suggestions for structuring discussion flow. Remember that Tiledesk is an open-source chatbot creator that gives you the bot-building feature and complete control over updates.

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