Tiledesk Product Update – December 2022 ☃

Festive season seems so far away but we still find reasons to celebrate each month! This last month has been crucial in bringing to life our brand new Chatbot Design Studio. But we’ll give you far more details about that next month, not to worry. In the meantime, here’s what our Team has been up to regarding the chat and dashboard features.

New Chat Features

There are at least four new chat features that you don’t want to miss: offline messages, live pages, copy a message and add as a canned response. Let’s see them in more detail.

Don't ever miss a customer: Live Chat Offline Messages

Live chat gives you that allure of promptness as well as efficiency which any customer would consider when doing shopping online.

Now, you won’t always find your customers online browsing after they’ve sent you a message when you were out of the office, for example. You can still contact them thanks to a Live chat Offline message. This is a super useful tool that doesn’t require you to move to your email inbox.


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1 Chat, 3 new useful features you definitely want to know about

  1. Click on the “i” symbol next to your Customer’s messages to find out WHERE they are writing to you from. You’ll see exactly where they were browsing when they’ve decided to get in touch with you. See below in yellow.
  2. Click on any Customer’s message to do COPY the entire text. Quite handy if you need to copy useful info such as PO number or a post code for a customer.
  3. Click on any message to ADD a canned response to speed up your replies to frequent queries. Your agents will be grateful for this.
chatbot design studio

Import and export your Chatbots

chatot design studio

You remember how having multiple projects with one account is free?

Well, it’d make perfect sense to want to migrate Bots from one project to another.

You can easily do so by exporting your chatbot as Json in Bots settings. Save it to later upload it on the project of your choosing.

Go to the Bots section to import any chatbot you’ve previously exported as Json. And the chatbot clonation is done!

Bonus feature: If you are tired of manually answering reptitive customers’ queries, we’ve got your back. You can have a chatbot hadle those by automating answers to FAQs, by importing your Frequently Asked questions as .csv. Create two columns on your Google sheet or Excel: 1 containing the Questions, and 2nd including respective answers. Then simply download as .csv to be able to later upload it on the Bots settings – Export and Import tab.

New Chatbot Design Studio is coming!

The world’s 1st no-code chatbot builder community where anyone can design one and share it freely. Mix & match AI with rules and a human element to bring your perfect conversation design to life. It’s open-source and it can be both on cloud or your own server.chatbot design studioKeep your eyes peeled – get in touch if you’d like early access!

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