Top 6 Customer Support Automation Tools for Business Growth

Customer support is no longer just a nice-to-have for businesses. It’s an essential part of any successful company. 

As technology evolves, many AI-powered tools are performing daily or repetitive tasks, freeing up time for human agents. These tools, known as customer support automation tools, can help businesses to improve their efficiencyreduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction

And we are aware that these metrics will lead to increase revenue for businesses and loyalty for their customer.

Let’s see how businesses think about and approach customer support, according to Gartner:

How customer support automation can boost sales, revenue, and cut costs:

Reduces cost of sales by freeing up time spent on administration and reporting.

Increases revenue by cross-selling and upselling to existing customers through automation.

Unlocks additional revenue by automating outreach to customers in the sales funnel.

Increases customer-facing time and higher customer satisfaction.

Manages a larger volume of leads in the sales funnel.

Creates a standardized sales workflow that can be refined to even greater efficiency over time.

How customer support automation can boost sales, revenue, and cut costs:

Reduces cost of sales by freeing up time spent on administration and reporting.

Increases revenue by cross-selling and upselling to existing customers through automation.

Unlocks additional revenue by automating outreach to customers in the sales funnel.

Increases customer-facing time and higher customer satisfaction.

Manages a larger volume of leads in the sales funnel.

Creates a standardized sales workflow that can be refined to even greater efficiency over time.

In this article, we will explore how these tools can boost your business growth and introduce you to some excellent customer support tools available on the market.

Customer Support Automation Tools: The Key to a Better Customer Experience

Customer support automation tools are software applications that help businesses automate their daily activities. For example, providing quick responses to customer inquiries, cross-selling during the checkout process, sending customer information to your CRM, and many more. The purpose of using these tools is not only to improve the customer experience but also to assist human agents in managing overwhelming tasks. They can handle repetitive and tedious tasks and free up agent time to deal with more important things.

There are many different types of customer support automation tools available, including:


Chatbots are among the top trendy tools that help businesses implement automation in many different ways. They are computer programs that use artificial intelligence to simulate conversations. Chatbots are amazing at providing quick answers to customer inquiries. They can assist your customers by providing product information and helping them during the checkout process, sharply reducing cart abandonment rates. Another great chatbot feature is their ability to initiate conversations with website visitors, engaging them by providing the best possible solutions and asking for their information in a human-like conversation. Finally, chatbots are amazing at integrating with other customer support tools. Below are some other tools that support customers at different touchpoints and the ways chatbots can integrate into the process.

chatbot as a customer support automation tool

Automated Email Responses:

Automated email responses are pre-written emails that are sent to customers automatically based on certain triggers, such as when a customer makes a purchase or submits a support request. But how can chatbots integrate into this process? You can use the “Send Email” action when designing the conversation flow with Tiledesk. For example, if your customer fills out a form for support or help, the trigger would activate and send an email with a certain tutorial or share a PDF with an answer to the customer’s queries.

Self-Service Portals:

Self-service portals are online platforms that allow customers to access information and perform tasks on their own without the need for assistance from a customer support representative. For example, we have a dedicated page for eBooks & Reports, where website visitors can easily download our recent research and whitepapers. By clicking on the download button, the chatbot would appear and start asking questions about the customer’s information before finally sending the PDF file via email. It’s a kind of self-service portal that everyone can access to get the information they need via chatbots, with no human touch. Good to mention that our chatbot can automatically send customer information to your CRM (like, HubSpot) for further communications.

Ticketing System:

A ticketing system is a tool that helps businesses manage and track customer support requests. It allows customers to submit support requests and track their progress, while also providing businesses with a centralized platform for managing and resolving these requests. However, keep in mind that chatbots can also play an important role here. As the majority of customer inquiries are repetitive and simple, chatbots can answer them by themselves without human interaction. But if they encounter complex or important questions, they can seamlessly convert the conversation into a ticket and share it with the appropriate department or agent. At Tiledesk, we also provide a ticketing system that can enhance your customer service.

Knowledge Bases:

A knowledge base is a collection of information and tutorials that customers can use to find answers to their questions. This can help businesses reduce the number of support requests and improve customer satisfaction. However, leaving your customers alone among hundreds or thousands of tutorials would be unfair. This is where chatbots come into action. They can help customers find the right information by understanding their needs and providing the best answer. This way, customers can find what they need without having to search through many tutorials or call a human agent for help. 

Messaging Apps:

Messaging apps allow businesses to communicate with customers through popular platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. This provides fast and convenient customer support through channels customers already use. At Tiledesk, we help you launch your chatbot on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and more. We understand the importance of integrating our chatbot with popular tools like WhatsApp, which has a 99% open rate. You can easily connect with your customers using our WhatsApp integration and keep them updated on your deals, events, news, and more.

By using these tools, you can provide faster and more efficient customer support, leading to a better customer experience and increased customer loyalty. More importantly, you can differentiate your business from your competitors.

Also, if you’re looking for improving in-app customer experience, you might like to read the product experience Pendo alternatives article. It provides information on different tools that can help businesses create beautiful onboarding experiences for their users to improve adoption and retention.

How Customer Support Automation Tools Can Boost Business Growth

Using automation tools to support your customers can provide a wide range of benefits. In the short term, these tools can speed up your daily routine tasks through automation and reduce the costs of expensive human agents. Automation tools are the future of customer support (if not already the present) and the reason we believe this is because chatbots or conversational AI, in general, are getting smarter every day. Compared to human agents, they are incredibly cost-effective.

Here are some specific benefits of using customer support automation tools:

Increased productivity:

Companies may free up their customer support staff to handle more complex responsibilities by automating repetitive operations such as answering commonly asked customer questions or routing help requests. This method helps firms to increase production while providing faster and more effective customer service.

Improved customer loyalty:

Enhancing customer support services enables businesses to deliver quicker and more effective assistance, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction. Consequently, this fosters stronger customer loyalty and encourages repeat business engagements.

Increased profits:

Businesses can take advantage of various features like cross-selling and upselling through automation. These tools also enhance the efficiency of lead generation and qualification processes, resulting in higher profits. With automation, you can initiate conversations on your website or social media platforms like WhatsApp to promote personalized deals and offers based on customer preferences.

Reduced costs:

Through the automation of repetitive tasks, companies can effectively minimize the necessity of recruiting and training additional customer support representatives. Extensive research indicates that approximately 85% of customer inquiries share a striking similarity. Consequently, human agents are burdened with the monotonous task of answering the same questions repeatedly throughout the day. However, a more intelligent approach exists: employing chatbots to handle these interactions, thereby curtailing the exorbitant costs associated with human agents. By implementing this strategy, businesses can significantly diminish their expenses and concurrently enhance their profitability.

Increased scalability:

Customer support automation tools offer businesses the remarkable ability to effortlessly expand their customer support operations alongside their business growth. With the assistance of chatbots, multiple conversations can be managed simultaneously without compromising the quality of interactions, a feat that would be challenging for a human agent to accomplish. Unlike human agents, chatbots are not constrained by limitations such as the number of requests, time zones, or languages. Consequently, this invaluable advantage empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer support experiences while navigating their expansion consistently.

Customer support automation tools offer a wide range of benefits for businesses. When businesses utilize these tools, they can experience enhanced efficiency, cost reduction, and improved customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to increased profits and overall business expansion. These advantages are just a glimpse of what customer support automation tools can bring to the table.

Exploring Top 6 Tools for Customer Support Automation

There are many popular tools available that allow automation for customer support. Here are some of the top tools that you can use to improve your customer support processes:

Software Best for Rate Free Version
Automation & Multichannel communication.
4,6 ⭐️
Intercom Powerful messaging 4,5 ⭐️
Cloud-based CRM
4,5 ⭐️
Help Scout Easy to use 4,6 ⭐️
LiveChat Real-time preview 4,7 ⭐️
Drift AI-powered customer service chatbots 4,5 ⭐️

Tiledesk: Automated Conversational AI

Tiledesk is the first chatbot builder to focus on lead generation and qualification. It is a powerful tool that offers seamless integrations and a wide range of features for customer support automation. With Tiledesk, businesses can leverage its WebRequest feature to connect website visitors directly to their CRM, ensuring smooth customer interactions. Additionally, Tiledesk enables integration with popular messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram, allowing businesses to engage with customers on their preferred platforms. As an open-source solution, Tiledesk provides peace of mind, ensuring the security and privacy of customer data.

Intercom: Personalized Customer Messaging

Intercom is an impressive customer messaging platform that empowers businesses to engage in seamless conversations with their customers. Its extensive range of features, including chatbots, automated email responses, and self-service portals, makes customer interaction effortless. What sets Intercom apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate with various tools, allowing businesses to connect with customers through different channels while providing personalized and contextually relevant support. With Intercom, businesses can harness the power of effective communication to enhance their customer experience and build lasting relationships.

HubSpot: All-in-One CRM and Automation

HubSpot offers more than just customer support – it provides a comprehensive CRM platform that covers marketing, sales, and customer service tools. Within its customer service arsenal, HubSpot boasts a ticketing system, a knowledge base, and live chat functionality. What sets HubSpot apart is its automation capabilities, which enable businesses to simplify their support procedures, enhance productivity, and lower expenses. By consolidating customer data and interactions, HubSpot empowers businesses to provide tailored support experiences that cultivate customer loyalty and propel company growth.

Help Scout: Streamlined Customer Service Experience

Help Scout provides a robust customer service platform that streamlines support operations without compromising on effectiveness. Businesses can deliver prompt and efficient customer support with its integrated shared inbox, help center, and live chat software. The user-friendly tools offered by Help Scout facilitate seamless collaboration among teams, guaranteeing a consistent and dependable customer assistance. By elevating the customer service experience, Help Scout empowers businesses to cultivate strong customer loyalty and forge enduring relationships.

LiveChat: Real-time Communication and Automation

LiveChat is an extremely adaptable live chat software that enables businesses to engage with their customers in a highly personalized and real-time manner. What makes LiveChat stand out is its advanced features that extend beyond basic chat functionality. Through automation capabilities, LiveChat provides a range of tools to enrich customer interactions, including chatbots, automated email responses, and self-service portals, among others. By seamlessly integrating with various tools and platforms, LiveChat empowers businesses to effortlessly connect with customers through multiple channels. By leveraging the advantages of real-time communication and support, LiveChat elevates customer satisfaction to unprecedented levels and assists businesses in achieving great conversion rates.

Drift: Conversational Marketing and Lead Generation

Drift specializes in conversational marketing, enabling businesses to engage with customers through chatbots and live chat. By offering fast and efficient customer support, Drift helps generate more leads and close deals effectively. Drift’s conversational tools facilitate personalized interactions, making customers feel valued and heard. With features designed to enhance lead generation and qualification, Drift empowers businesses to drive revenue growth while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Final Thoughts: Embracing Growth with Tiledesk

Throughout this article, we’ve explored the vital role of customer support automation tools in driving business growth. By streamlining processes and enhancing customer experiences, these tools become catalysts for increased sales, revenue, and lead generation.

Among the top automation solutions, Tiledesk shines as an all-in-one platform. With its chatbot builder, seamless integrations, and reliable messaging channels like WhatsApp and Facebook, Tiledesk empowers businesses to automate customer interactions easily.

Don’t settle for average support. Experience the transformative power of Tiledesk by signing up for a free trial or requesting a demo today. Unleash the potential of automation and witness your business thrive.

Sign up for a free trial or request a demo of Tiledesk to revolutionize your customer support and drive business growth.

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