6 Ways to Amplify Customer Support With Omnichannel Chatbot

Recently, an omnichannel chatbot has become more necessary for retail businesses to attract new potential customers across channels.  1.4 billion people are using chatbots that could help businesses reduce costs by more than $8 billion per year by 2022, as reported by CNBC. Some sources suggest that a good multichannel customer support can multiply revenue by 190 percent more than a single channel.

So how can we improve customer support with these smart chatbots? Here are the top 6 ways to tap into them to maximize customer engagement and satisfaction.

Why Do Businesses Need Omnichannel Chatbots?

It is crucial first to understand the concept of omnichannel chatbots before delving into their benefits. Unlike simple single-channel chatbots which operate within a limited platform space, they are incorporated into an unlimited number of platforms. Such AI-enabled products communicate with end-users through chatting apps, social networks, websites, and others.

There are some reasons why omnichannel bots are becoming more valuable in business today:

Save costs

First of all, omnichannel chatbots can automate tedious human work quickly by performing repetitive tasks. This is why they could save costs and increase profits for your business.

Access diverse customer sources

Integrating with Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows omnichannel chatbots to comprehend diverse languages and provide tailored interactions. They facilitate business services to access international customers easily.

Automate customer support everytime and everywhere

It is critical to conduct non-stop customer service using an omnichannel chatbot without tiring. Companies have an edge in terms of serving customers from various time zones across the entire world.

Increase revenue

Businesses can use click and bounce-rate data generated and analyzed by chatbots to comprehend how customers behave and their preferences. Therefore, chatbots help increase turnover by raising the conversion rate across channels.

6 Ways To Enhance Customer Service with Omnichannel Chatbots

At this point, we know why omnichannel chatbots can amplify customer service and enhance customer experience. Following are six ideas to help you get the most out of this remarkable tool and grow your business’s overall success!

Omnichannel Chatbot

1. Automate Tasks And Streamline Workflows Across Channels

Have there been occasions when you tried to obtain customer expectations from different touchpoints, for example, websites, social media, email, phone, etc? An ideal chatbot should have the capacity to access and update data regarding customers on a real-time basis, streamlining the operation of the enterprise across channels.

Nowadays, many mid-large scale firms prefer to use a complete POS system to sync customer data in real time to provide accurate responses and tailor a unique loyalty program to their customer. So, we can say that both chatbot and POS software can reach and gain more customer insights from different channels, making it perfect for businesses to improve customer service and automate seamless workflows.  

As a result,  an omnichannel chatbot will streamline a smooth customer service on diverse touch-points for customers to track and ask any requests about their upcoming orders, such as time delivery, postponed delivery, and delivery person’s phone number…   In addition, it will automatically arrange a specific schedule based on customer information if the problem is beyond the chatbot’s capabilities, and customers can adjust it to match their needs.

2. Make It Simple And Easy To Use

The other way of employing an omnichannel chatbot to enhance customer support is by improving the UX UI on several platforms. Your optimization should be done so that it can easily be accessed through a website, mobile app, or social media pages.

Moreover, it would be best if you reduce the use of confusing jargon or complicated steps that require too much information, causing discomfort to customers when using chatbots. Eliminating these confusing things will make customers feel less confused and interact more with chatbots to solve problems while saving them time.

In addition, the menus, buttons, and other interface elements should be well-labeled for the most user-friendly interface possible. Omnichannel chatbots will also allow speaking and understanding how to process different languages when a business targets global users.

3. Personalize The Omnichannel Chatbot Experience

While retailers use a retail management system to streamline operations from online to offline, omni-chatbots ensure that customer service is consistent across devices and channels. Based on customer preferences and loyalty programs, you can utilize chatbots to manage and care for your customers. An enhanced personalized omnichannel chatbot experience will improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. For example:

  • Ensure you collect customer data from purchase histories and preferences to customize the chatbot experience, using tailored recommendations, solutions, and loyalty programs.
  • Forecast customer needs for messages with the required time lags.
  • Help talks and is proactive, sensitive, and in line with human support should customers wish for human assistance.

4. Design Customer-Centric Conversational Flows And Engaging Messages

It is worth noting that the essential factor determining whether success would be achieved lies in obtaining the relevant conversations for customizing, engaging, and positive customer experiences with the chatbot design conversation. The interesting thing is that the messages that attract your clients should always be put first, then their interests should be uncovered, and finally, they ought to be encouraged enough to take action.

To make the customer-centric conversation better, you should:

  • Identify key opportunities to engage with your customers across various touchpoints and determine their likes, styles, and agonies.
  • Find out frequent queries and collect responses and information to generate customized messages addressing individual interests and requirements. This way, you will prepare to step into the customer’s shoes.
  • Provide seamless and consistent support by automating quick chatbot actions like recommending, cross-selling, or up-selling products and services.
  • Review and determine your conversational flows and messages’ efficacy to ensure updates are provided where necessary.

By employing deep learning, chatbots are able to emulate how customers feel by using the right tone. For instance, customers can feel good, bad, happy, awful, bored, etc.

5. Test Before Launching

Before public introduction, ensure you have tested the product across various devices and platforms like smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. During this stage, an efficient UX/UI development process for different screen sizes, resolutions, and browsers will occur.

Furthermore, the chatbot’s quality and dependability can be analyzed only by giving a “free trial” version to customers. This way will be helpful if the chatbot has accurate, relevant, fast, and consistent answers on different channels.

6. Monitor And Update the Omnichannel Chatbot

The businesses will ensure the best level of service on all platforms through regular and proactive monitoring as well as updating the chatbots. In chatting with AI, people find it easy to raise issues and ask for assistance compared to physical interactions with humans. Therefore, monitor the level of happiness among your clientele and use their recommendations to make improvements where necessary.

In addition, updates such as new information, voices, and current features should be regularly included in the chatbot to ensure that it remains contemporary and valuable. Customers should enjoy visiting the company application, thus ensuring they are not bored. This will raise the return ratio and make more committed customers in addition to raising commitment for returning customers.

Tips To Choose The Right Platform For Omnichannel Chatbot Design

It is vital that you pick the most suitable platform to ensure that the omnichannel chatbot design enhances your customer care services. If you start with a good selection of products, you can save time, reduce human errors, and increase overall business success. Here are some noteworthy aspects to consider:

  •  Business goal determination: Determining your purpose when selecting a platform for an omnichannel chatbot. Are they needed to reduce customer service expenses, increase sales, obtain more information, or satisfy customers’ needs? Alternatively, select a platform capable of handling various languages well if you want to provide multilingual support.


  • Easy integration: You must check an omnichannel chatbot that can accommodate your organizational systems and other tools. For example, Tiledesk is a no-code platform with some of the best available live chat and chatbot tools, which is necessary for your business because it saves many costs on various devices and platforms.


  • Automation and accuracy rate consideration: Look for a platform that understands user intents and replies to them with appropriate answers. Advanced technologies like NLP should put your business above your competitors in the fast and ever-changing world. The higher the accuracy of its users, the more it will attract.


  • High-security protection: Omnichannel chatbots need to obtain, save, and manage users’ data (from multiple origins – e.g., purchasing history, preferences, feedback), which results in data protection and privacy issues. For example, if you collect and process customers’ data, ensure that they are informed about it and agree with it. Consider the platform that utilizes encryption, authentication, and authorization measures that deny unauthenticated persons from using the data in unauthorized ways. 

Wrap Up

Final words, an omnichannel chatbot enables your enterprise to provide a personified experience for the consumer’s seamless shopping experience. There are predictions that by 18 months, almost 53% of service organizations will start using chatbots, which proves them as a growing trend for the future. 

We highly recommend you visit and subscribe to a conversation automation tool for designing, testing, and releasing your chatbots on all your networks within seconds. Lastly, ensure you have a keen eye on customer demands in real time and keep your chatbot available through different channels.

Ready to revolutionize your customer service? Get started with Tiledesk, your ultimate solution for an omnichannel chatbot.

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