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Advantages of automated customer service

What Everybody Ought to Know About Customer Service Automation

Customer service Automation happens when an automated system advises users using AI communication channels such as chatbots, live chats, and other technologies inside a business or organization. The advantages of automated customer service are fantastic, but how to implement it?
Automation has changed the way customers get and experience customer service, and automation makes your company’s work more accessible and manageable. The “human touch” is often maintained when an agent’s capabilities are improved thanks to automation technologies. Still common among businesses is the idea that “More Technology Equals Less Human Touch.” Well, replacing all of your human staff is not what automating customer support entails.

Example: washing dishes.

Without automation: Washing each dish by hand.

When automated: Place the plates in the dishwasher while drinking coffee.

10 Great Advantages of Customer Service Automation

 Allows for 7/24 support

With automated customer service, you can offer round-the-clock assistance regardless of your consumers’ location, circumstances, or time zones. Your prospects also need help, so this kind of always-on care goes beyond providing for your current customers. Intelligent chatbots will gather their contact information without requiring leads to fill out any forms, and the sales human then calls them the next day when the chatbot elevates the lead to them.


Avoid human error

You must realize that everyone makes errors, even the best staff. Most of the work that supports representatives undertake consists of simple, repetitive activities that anybody can complete. Automation is one of the best methods to speed up customer service and lower human error rates. Mainly if you receive an enormous number of tickets since human agents tend to forget about some of them, creating a poor customer experience.


Minimize the long queue

People today are rushed and unable to wait in a queue and wait their turn for an answer. Here is when chatbots come into play to handle the issues. One of the important advantages of Automated Customer Service is making the queuing process more efficient.


Lower operational costs

Most customer queries are repetitive; a chatbot can answer them in seconds with automation. And more interestingly, chatbots using AI can learn and provide a better answer in each iteration. In other words, automation can reduce customer service costs and improve efficiency smartly.


Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Short queues increase client happiness and benefit your business. Fast response, quick resolution, and reliable assistance across all communication channels are just a few of the automation benefits, and these are the factors that will keep your consumers happy.


Agent satisfaction

We know how stressful high-volume, low-value queries can be for an agent. We may assign these duties to chatbots while leaving important and high-value tasks for agents. With this scenario, we will improve human interaction at critical touchpoints.


Centralizes information

Imagine you have an inbox for various communication channels that enables you to solve or assign queries to teammates from the different channels in one place. This powerful integration and data centralization allow you to have personalized customer service interaction.


Collecting feedback and making improvements

Measurement is an important essential factor of improvement. With automation, you can get real-time customer feedback and improve the conversation for the next time. Automation would reduce churn and produce insightful data for improvement if you took action to improve and implement new technologies after receiving customer and staff feedback.


Adoptable conversation

You can run your conversational flow on all channels if you design it ONCE. Using the adaptive multichannel technology, you can respond with Buttons, Images, and Videos on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, your website, and mobile app. Is it magic? No, it’s the technology that makes customer service smoother.

We are delivering a seamless CX while boosting CSAT.


Multilingual customer service

This option will be crucial for your business if you target people with different languages. Imagine responding immediately in Chinees and Spanish. That’s great and makes your customer happier than ever. They can feel more comfortable and relaxed while talking with your chatbot.

Automation benefits for customer service

Automation Little Known Challenges

Unable to address a tricky problem

As previously mentioned, automation is ideal for routine communication. Although chatbots and conversational applications are becoming more intelligent every day, the technology is still far from perfect. The figure below shows some effects of chatbot errors in the workplace, demonstrating how an agent is required in addition to the chatbot.

Impersonal Interactions

Automation is quick, but some customers still seek human connections. Consent from the consumer does not always imply just obtaining the solution. When they contact in for assistance, many consumers prefer a personal touch and the attention of a human agent. Furthermore, chatbots lack human empathy, which is critical in providing exceptional client service.

Hard to implement

A seamless customer experience needs significant resources, including chatbots, human agents, and conversational apps. You need to know many tools and integration knowledge for a conversation app.

automation customer service

Too much automation can negatively impact the customer experience.

Customer service has always been understood to be a personalized human conversation. When you completely automate customer support, your customer perceives the interaction as dehumanized. We all agree that automation has come a long way toward individualized and human-like communication, but it still has a way to go. That’s where human agents and conversational apps come into play.


Overcome Automation Challenges & Reach Even More Advantages of Automated Customer Service


Advantage of automated customer service

We at Tiledesk offer Automated Customer Service that combines Chatbots & Human agents.


They work together to help end-users to solve a problem.

It is now easier than ever to create your chatbot. You can use a chatbot for your e-commerce or Shopify in less than one minute. At Tiledesk, we offer you everything you need to create a customized chatbot. Begin your adventure by creating a Tiledesk account.

As previously noted, having a chatbot can be complicated, but good news exists. There is no need to write a single line of code. Place the Tiledesk widget on your website, and you’re done. It is free, does not require any credit card information, and is compatible with ShopifyPrestashopWordPress, and Joomla.

Your chatbots can perfectly solve standardized issues. Automated customer service is one of the main advantages, but if the situation is complicated, refer to a human agent. We also enhanced the customer service experience with third-party apps. Chatbots, for example, can trigger the app to finish the payment process. (For example, Stripe)

Manage your client service with pleasure. Assign client requests you cannot resolve immediately using our conversational ticketing system. Don’t worry if you can’t solve a ticket online! Even if your visitor has signed out, you may respond by email and give them the option to connect with you again for further information

Design your chatbot once and employ it across all channels. Tiledesk Adaptive Chatbot technology automatically adapts your design to each channel and allows you to concentrate on conversation design rather than technology.

Unified messaging integrates all key message channels into a single Communication Hub. Tiledesk lets you communicate with your customers via WhatsAppFacebook Messengere-mailTelegram, and other messaging platforms.

Chatbots are using the power of Artificial Intelligence. It means that by getting feedback, they can be trained and improve themself for the following conversation. Chatbots have Analytics tools that can provide critical information about the customers, and you can easily derive many different insights from them freely.

Email ticketing allows you to move between email to chat channels at any moment. You may move from the email channel to the chat channel by clicking on the “Continue by chat” link at the bottom of each email, and vice versa, and you can simply reply to the notification emails when you receive a chat message while you are offline.

We strongly believe in the power of the Open Source Community, in addition to all of these fantastic free features. In fact, we are open source from the first line of code in our solution. Tiledesk was created as an open-source stack to expedite innovation, push standardization, and allow technical expertise exchange.

Live chat is the most efficient way to communicate with your customers, solve their problems, and boost their satisfaction. With no coding, you can quickly put a Live Chat Widget on your website and use the numerous benefit smoothly.

Keep these simple strategies in mind.


  • Task Distribution: the ticket assignment enables you to correctly assign support tickets to your employees.
  • Human touch: in customer service, it refers to the empathy, respect, customization, and adaptability customers receive when engaging with human agents.
  • Nowadays, people ask search engines more than the customer support team. Make content that is easily accessible, appealing, and in-depth.
  • Using chatbots to provide customer support is fantastic. They leverage artificial intelligence to engage customers more deeply, create leads, and boost engagement.
  • Your automated responses should sound human. You must create canned answer templates for various instances and encourage agents to make the necessary modifications to provide a good level of personalization.
  • Automated customer service must collect customer feedback and make improvements for subsequent iterations to succeed. In this industry, you also need to use innovative technology.

Boost Customer Satisfaction & Sales Simultaneously

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