The Best Chatbot Affiliate Program: Tiledesk

Earn 20% commission for every customer you refer.

Join our affiliate program today and start earning passive income by promoting Tiledesk, the best customer engagement platform for small and medium businesses.

tiledesk affiliate marketing

How does it work?

Join Tiledesk for free and get the unique referral link that lets you earn commission.

Share your link with your audience via email, social media, blog, website, etc.

Earn 20% commission every month for each customer who signs up through your link

Why join our chatbot affiliate program

Tiledesk is one of the leading live chat and chatbot solutions designed to help businesses grow.

High conversion rate

Tiledesk has a free trial and a low entry price, making it easy for customers to sign up.

chatbot affiliate marketing

chatbot affiliate marketing

Generous commission

You get 20% of every payment made by your referrals for as long as they stay with us.

Dedicated support

We provide you with marketing materials, tips, and guidance to help you succeed.

chatbot affiliate marketing

Frequently asked questions

Who can join the affiliate program?

Anyone can join our affiliate program as long as you have a website, a blog, a social media account, or any other platform where you can promote our products. You don’t need any technical skills or prior experience in affiliate marketing. Just fill out our application form and we’ll review it within 24 hours. 😊

How do I promote Tiledesk?

You can promote Tiledesk by using the unique referral link that we provide you when you join our program. You can share your link with your audience via email, social media, blog posts, videos, podcasts, webinars, or any other creative way. You can also use our marketing assets, such as banners, logos, and screenshots, to make your promotion more attractive and effective. 🚀

When and how do I get paid?

You’ll get paid via direct deposit for every new customer you bring to us. It’s like having a passive income stream that grows with your network. 💸

How much will I earn from each referral?

You will earn a 20% commission from each referral that signs up for a paid plan through your link. The commission is recurring, meaning you will get paid monthly for as long as your referral stays with us. There is no limit to how much you can earn from our program. The more referrals you bring, the more money you make. 💰

How do I track my referrals and commissions?

You can track your referrals and commissions by logging into your affiliate dashboard. There you can see how many clicks, signups, and sales you have generated and how much commission you have earned. You can also access reports and analytics to help you optimize your performance and grow your earnings. 📊

Join now and enjoy easy commissions from one of the best affiliate programs you can find!