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12 October 2020

Release notes – October 2020

This was a great month for the Tiledesk team. We released a bunch of new tools for Agents as canned responses, tags and notes and still more will come in November. We have done even more with chatbots, providing native Dialogflow connection. On the messaging side we added unified messaging. Beyond enhancing the “live chat” features, we would like the Agents to stay on the platform to get rid of all the messaging benefits coming from Tiledesk. So Agents can chat with their colleagues using Android, iOS or web Apps and yes, we think that chatbots are first-class colleagues to chat with 😉 So, the idea from here on, will be to have more AI chatting with humans in the platform, from agents to end-users...
4 September 2020

Tiledesk Activity Log

In the effort of providing the best possible “enterprise experience” we are releasing a bunch of add-ons and tools that Admins can use to improve the […]
25 August 2020

Generate a Service Account file for DialogFlow

Hi Tiledesk developers! As you may know, we really care about our Community. Reason why we offer nice documentation about our multichannel free live chat with […]
24 August 2020

We have a new technical staff member. Yes, he is a chatbot

    Techy is tiledesk’s technical staff bot and he will be very happy to reply to your questions! What Techy does is mitigating simple questions […]
20 July 2020

How a young dynamic university increased students satisfaction online

How a young dynamic university increased students satisfaction online Increase students satisfaction online is nowadays really important. Globally, the spread of COVID-19 has led to the […]
21 June 2020

Boosting Customer Support with a Knowledge Base Chatbots

How to create a knowledge base? To build a knowledge bot, start by identifying common customer questions. Choose chatbot features that serve your customers well, such […]