14 July 2022

Government Open Source Software Catalogue x Tiledesk

Tiledesk, has successfully passed the review process run by the Italian Developers team (Department for Digital Transformation + Italian Digital Agency) and has been featured in the Open Source software catalogue, drawn up especially for the government organisations.
20 June 2022

Proud & thrilled to have been featured in the Italian Martech Landscape 2022

When it comes to Conversational marketing and AI, the solutions to digest are a lot. Tiledesk is the first one to offer a unique combo of a SaaS/on-prem/open source and it's just been featured on the Italian Martech Landscape 2022.
31 May 2022

What’s new on Tiledesk (May ’22 Newsletter)

31 May 2022

Custom authentication with the Tiledesk Widget

Tiledesk provides the option to authenticate your end-users with a custom, certified identity, using JWT authentication, a very easy and market proved authentication technology.
18 May 2022

Tiledesk announces its first funding round

11 May 2022

Take a deep breath with the new Console menu!

10 April 2022

Say hi to Conversational Apps

22 September 2021

Tiledesk – the new messaging engine is out!

Tiledesk is built on a real-time messaging core. The news is that Tiledesk has a totally new real-time messaging core, a new engine built from scratch […]
12 February 2021

Tiledesk new messaging engine, moving from Firebase to MQTT / RabbitMQ

Actually Tiledesk uses Firebase to deliver messages in real time between all the components of the platform (console, web widget, mobile apps etc.) that directly need […]