Tiledesk announces its first funding round
25 August 2020

Generate a Service Account file for DialogFlow

Hi Tiledesk developers! As you may know, we really care about our Community. Reason why we offer nice documentation about our multichannel free live chat with […]
24 August 2020

We have a new technical staff member. Yes, he is a chatbot

Techy is tiledesk’s technical staff bot and he will be very happy to reply to your questions! What Techy does is mitigating simple questions about Tiledesk […]
20 July 2020

Tiledesk for Unisalento

As a leading University in the South of Italy, Unisalento realised the importance of online real time communication with students through Tiledesk live chat for education. Unisalento already had […]
21 June 2020

The new bots? Stupid but productive!

What is the lesson we all learned during this years of so much buzz around AI and chatbots? Simply, if you give to humans an “intelligent” […]