Integration with Dialogflow

Integrate Tiledesk with Dialogflow and give superpowers to your chatbots

Dialogflow integration with a website in a matter of minutes

Dialogflow integration with website


An NLP (Natural Language Processing) platform is considered the best virtual agent to manage conversations.

Before moving on, it would be helpful to look at some basic information.

Dialogflow ES basics


Create your Dialogflow agent

First, you need to build your agent and train it.

Then you should connect your agent to Tiledesk so they can reply to your customers’ questions from the Tiledesk widget. At the same time, you manage complex conversational flows with Google deep learning technology integrated with Dialogflow agents.

Create your Dialogflow bot in Tiledesk

Now it’s time to use Tiledesk to build your bot. Integrate Tiledesk with Dialogflow to empower your chatbots and customer support. Dialogflow integration with the website empowers you to have an intuitive customer conversation.

Format your chatbot messages

Tiledesk chatbots support markdown formatting. According to your need and preferences, you can design chatbot replies perfectly.

Managing replies with images, videos, buttons, and more

A chatbot can reply with photos, videos, or a message with button replies. We designed Microlanguage precisely for this kind of task.

Handoff to a human agent example

What if you want the user to switch to a human agent during a chat with your Dialogflow agent?

The simplest thing you can do is add a specific intent to your agent that will switch to a human agent with particular instructions in the reply.