Helpdesk Tickets Chatbot Template

Be even more accessible and give your customers a way to issue a ticket directly through a chatbot interaction. Any bug or problem will be dealt with.

helpdesk ticket chatbot template

Automated ticketing system

Tickets directly centralized in agents’ inboxes

Time-efficient data collection

GDPR compliance

More about this template

Thanks to the Master Ticketer, you'll master the art of ticketing. Your customers will be able to quickly and concisely lodge technical or any other type of issue through a simple chat window. You will not lose vital info you'll need to provide support. Your customers will not lose precious time trying to get in touch with you with helpdesk chatbot template.

Template features

  • Highly customizable Q&A form builder
  • Automated ticketing system


Once designed, you can run your unlimited no-code chatbots on every communication channel of your choosing.
Be it WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.
With no further clicks or actions.

conversational ticketing chatbot template

What is HelpDesk?

A helpdesk is a powerful tool that plays an essential role in order to provide seamless, efficient, and effective customer service. This tool helps businesses and organizations respond to customers’ inquiries perfectly and quickly. Whether you have a department or a team for customer service, you need this tool to provide the best possible customer experience.

enterprise helpdesk chatbot

Ticketing system, an extraordinary customer communication

Every day many customers start a conversation through live chat. They might ask for support regarding complex and technical issues or help with simple problems.

Some customer requests will answer immediately by your human agents. That’s fantastic!

Remember, instant response is what your customer expects nowadays. Recent studies illustrate that 82% of customers expect an instant response, which shows how an instant response is essential regarding customer service.

Meanwhile, we are all aware that it takes much effort to make it a reality.

We strongly believe our customers should enforce their live chat with Ai-powered chatbots as soon as possible and provide instant response on 7/24. Because either your competitors have already started to use them, or they are thinking seriously about deploying chatbots and taking advantage of this powerful support team tool.

In the articles below, we already described how it is essential to have automated customer service and the importance of chatbots for evolving customer service:

All you need to know about chatbot implementation

Advantages of automated customer service

Actions speak louder than words.

Our customers need chatbots, and we know that. We step inside to make the implementation process a piece of cake. Our experts have done a great job making pre-built chatbot templates to demonstrate chatbot strengths and how you can use them effectively. You can try the helpdesk chatbot and many more templates and customize them according to your business.

Chatbot templates are free and customizable.

helpdesk ticketing chatbot

Let’s get back to the ticketing system

A ticket is a customer request that stores all discussions and provides simple access to the customer and the agent throughout the process. From the moment you notice the problem until it is resolved.

In the article below, you can find all you need about the ticketing system and its importance for all businesses.

Chatbot Ticketing System; Brilliant Customer Support

Let's review together what happens when customers start a conversation through live chat.

Ideally, you are using the AI chatbot helpdesk, and it’s great. First, the chatbot goes inside to grasp the customer’s purpose and then attempts to answer the question autonomously using canned responses and the knowledge base articles. The conversation will usually finish without human intervention if you implement the chatbot correctly.

chatbot helpdesk

But let’s imagine the customer inquiries are complex and need further support. Interestingly your customer can issue a ticket from inside the widget effortlessly and define their problems’ urgency level. And the support team can handle and assign quickly via the ticket management feature. This feature is precisely the purpose of the Helpdesk Chatbot Template. Then the chatbots will hand off the whole conversation to a live agent in real-time. This process makes your customers feel that someone is ready to support in behind the scene. Statistics show that all businesses will shortly push to employ enterprise helpdesk chatbots, then take advantage of this chance and swim in a blue ocean.


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What does no-code chatbot design mean?

What does no-code chatbot design mean?