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22 July 2022

Top 5 Free Live Chat Solutions in 2022

A live chat allows you to manage online communication with your customers on digital channels effectively. It allows online businesses to stay closer to their customers […]
20 June 2022

Proud & thrilled to have been featured in the Italian Martech Landscape 2022

When it comes to Conversational marketing and AI, the solutions to digest are a lot. Tiledesk is the first one to offer a unique combo of a SaaS/on-prem/open source and it's just been featured on the Italian Martech Landscape 2022.
11 May 2022

Take a deep breath with the new Console menu!

4 September 2020

Tiledesk Activity Log

In the effort of providing the best possible “enterprise experience” we are releasing a bunch of add-ons and tools that Admins can use to improve the […]