Tiledesk Changelog

February 2021

What’s new in Dashboard?

  • Multilanguage, added automatic default language management
  • New widget design section!
  • Added the ability to customize the “reply time” message on the Widget
  • You will find the Smart Dashboard to welcome you in the Tiledesk Console!
  • New Analytics section for visitors and messages
  • New project wizard, it also adds the ability to customize widget colors and to select the project’s default language
  • “Users” label is replaced with “Teammates”
  • Added Smart assign engine to manage unassigned conversations during offline, chat limit per single agent, reassignment actions and automatic unavailable status for agents who do not serve conversations.
  • New Webhook UI in Project Settings. Now you can visually manage webhook subscriptions directly from the Project Console.
  • Added the ability to disable email notification per-teammate and per-project.
  • Totally new Routing and Departments management console
  • Department’s on-the-fly agents group creation (easily create the first group of agents for each department)

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Other new features

  • Automatically close unresponsive bot conversation.
  • Disabled automatic transcript send-by-email for autoclosed conversations.