Tiledesk for developers

Tiledesk is an instant messaging platform for Humans and Chatbots. Tiledesk allows anyone to easily create beautiful conversational interfaces to provide support and communication throughout your company and your users.
However, if you’re a developer or your company has developers, Tiledesk can be extended to be even more flexible and powerful. There are many ways developers can extend Tiledesk:

With webhooks you cal always get real time events notifications from the Platform and execute your own actions.
Discover Webhooks > https://developer.tiledesk.com/apis/webhooks
With REST APIs you can interact with the platform from your external applications, driving your ow custom actions.
Discover REST APIs > https://developer.tiledesk.com/apis/rest-api
External chatbots
Tiledesk allows you to embed your own chatbot backend with our “External Chatbots” engine. An “External chatbot” is a simple web application that communicates with Tiledesk through callbacks. With an External chatbot you can embed your own chatbot technology with many benefits (i.e. asynch messaging).
Discover External Chatbots > https://developer.tiledesk.com/external-chatbot/integrate-your-chatbot
Open source components
Tiledesk open source licence model allows you to customise you UI as you prefer, or build your own new components,
starting by the official ones. Every component is available on Github.
Discover Open Source Repo > https://github.com/tiledesk