Tiledesk Live Chat for
Contact Centers

The modern contact center solution is progressively switching to Live Chat.
Don’t lose the opportunity to choose the best tool tailored for complex teams.

Unified messaging tool is
Multi Project

Our live chat solution for contact centers works on multiple channels and on multiple projects simultaneously!

On large teams an agent is often engaged on multiple brands at the same time. In Tiledesk all messages arrive in a single client. Just create a Project for each of your brands. Then invite agents in. The same agent can be in multiple projects simultaneously, managing chats coming from multiple brands and channels without switching clients!

The power of AI for customer service

Our live chat solution for contact centers is AI-powered. Chatbots help your teams to save resources. Your agents will be contacted only for the most complex and rewarding problems, while the simplest and most common problems will be solved 24h/7days by our chatbots.

Departments and Groups for team organization

You can organize your team into specialized groups, using departments and groups, which allow you to put a chatbot before human operators and choose how to assign conversations. From round robin to skill-based, routing has never been so easy to setup!

Automatic SLAs based on queues

The automatic management of inbound messages is managed by intelligent queues through the Smart Assignment function. It provides you to outperform SLAs for your customers, always guaranteeing a reliable service and responses within the expected times.