Tiledesk Third Product Update for 2023: New Improvements

Greetings! Today, we’re thrilled to share the latest advancements we’ve made at Tiledesk over the past quarter. Our continuous commitment to innovation is driven by the invaluable feedback we receive from you, our esteemed community. Your insights and suggestions are instrumental in shaping the future of conversational automation.

To provide a clear overview of our progress, we’ve divided this update into three key sections:

  1. Design Studio: A closer look at our new Drang-&-Drop Design Studio.
  2. Dashboard: An introduction to the revamped Tiledesk Dashboard.
  3. Tiledesk Award: Celebrating a recent accolade that recognizes our efforts.

Let’s delve into each of these exciting developments and explore them in detail.

Design Studio: The Heart of Conversation Automation at Tiledesk

Tiledesk’s Drag-&-Drop Design Studio

Our new Design Studio stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation. This feature-rich platform enables you to design your ideal conversation flow using our no-code technology. You can now choose from a wide array of actions to automate not just conversations, but also routine tasks like sending emails. Moreover, integrating with third-party apps has never been easier.


Reinforce Conversations with GPT Integration

In response to popular demand from our community, we’ve integrated ChatGPT into our platform. This allows you to harness the power of GPT 4 for your daily tasks, making your conversations more human-like. Your chatbot can now generate responses powered by large language models (LLMs) that are highly natural, guiding your customers effectively. While rule-based chatbots with canned responses are still an option, integrating ChatGPT opens up new possibilities, such as generating professional emails and sending them to your customers when you’re not around.


Simplify Choices with Carousel

Another beneficial feature we’ve introduced is the ability to create Product Cards or Carousels. These visually appealing cards allow you to present your best deals at the right time in the chat widget, helping your customers make decisions without being overwhelmed by numerous products or services. By sending predefined product cards in the chat, you can streamline the decision-making process for your customers without forcing them to navigate through different pages and options. Here is the product cards chatbot template which you can implement in seconds. 


Enhance Customer Service with GPT Task

The latest addition to our Design Studio is the GPT Task. This task can interpret the conversation in various ways depending on the conversation flow. You can define different attributes like “Last-User-Text” and instruct ChatGPT to respond appropriately. For instance, ChatGPT can help your customer service team identify urgent customer issues that require immediate support and direct the conversation to a live human agent for resolution. Interested? In this blog article, you can see how to implement it.

Tiledesk’s New Dashboard: Navigate with Ease

Our new dashboard is not only more visually appealing but also more user-friendly. With this revamped dashboard, you can find what you need at a glance. We’ve added many new shortcuts for frequently used tabs and settings, making them easily accessible from the dashboard.

Bots at Your Fingertips

With the new dashboard, all your bots are just a click away. Hover over a bot to find the link to the designer for editing or testing. You can also start creating a bot from scratch directly from the dashboard, making access to bots and the design studio faster than ever.

Teammates on Demand

Another exciting feature is the list of teammates available on the dashboard. You can now access all your teammates’ profiles from the dashboard and make changes to their profiles and statuses hassle-free.

Analytics and Conversation Chart

If you need to keep an eye on your analytics, you can activate the chart and analytics simply by clicking on the “View Option” button. These options are disabled by default but can be enabled easily.

Knowledge Base Integration

Last but not least, you can now add a new knowledge base from the dashboard. This option is available under the “Connect a Knowledge Base” section.

Tiledesk’s Milestone: Our Journey on Product Hunt

We’re thrilled to announce that we launched our Design Studio on Product Hunt, a platform where around 50 products are launched and compete every day. Thanks to your incredible support, we achieved the position of the 2nd product of the day and the week. This is a significant achievement for us.

More than 1000 people upvoted Design Studio, and we received a lot of positive feedback. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for being a part of our community and supporting us. Your support motivates us to work even harder to develop Tiledesk day by day.

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