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Tiledesk Product Update – August 2022🌞

What’s new in Tiledesk?

Despite the well-deserved summer holidays, our developers have nonetheless implemented great product improvements. You can add followers to a customer conversations, train a bot, see the chat time stamp, download chat transcripts & more.

Conversation features

Here’s the complete list of new features that improve your conversational experience.

  • You can add followers to a specific conversation on the conversation details page. This feature may be particularly useful for those who aren’t part of the customer conversation. You can monitor the conversation or simply keep track of potentially useful info collected.

tiledesk followers

  • The “train bot” button pops up in the speech bubbles of the chat section on the conversation details page only if the project has at least one “Resolution bot”.

train a bot

  • You can download the chat transcript as a CSV or PDF or view it in an HTML page on the conversation details page.

tiledesk chat transcript

  • NEW ADDITION: the time on the message timestamp in the chat section on the conversation details page.
  • Teammates with the admin role can reopen archived conversations.

train a bot

  • The “conversation info” sidebar indicates who resolved a particular conversation on the conversation details page.

train a bot

  • NEW ADDITION: a dynamic “go back” from the conversation details page that allows you to view any searches made by full text or ticket ID on the “history” page and the “non-real-time requests” page.
  • A teammate assigned to a ticket cannot leave the Chat if there is no other assigned teammate to resolve the ticket.
  • You can close the image preview by clicking the “esc” keyboard key in the chat section on the conversation details page.
  • The possibility to reopen archived conversations for more than ten days is no longer available.

Feel free to track all of the products updates in real-time on our Discord channel

We’d also love to hear your success stories! Let us know if these product developments have helped you personalise your dashboard, train a bot and boost customer service.

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