Leadership Team

Andrea Sponziello


Master’s degree in Computer Engineering (Unisalento) with 20+ years of experience in the field of Content Management and in the development of applications for Enterprises
10 years of experience in dealing with “real time” messaging applications for mobile / web platforms

Andrea Leo


Master’s degree in Computer Engineering (Unisalento) with 15+ years of experience in the field of design, development and management of projects and open source products
8 years of active involvement in the design and development of high performance backends. Passionate about disruptive innovation and business innovation strategies

Michele Pomposo


Master’s degree in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano with 10+ years of international experience in corporate, startup and scale-up (led growth from € 0 to 30+ M annual revenue). Since 2018 focused on the design of multichannel customer journeys on digital channels. Addicted to KPIs and passionate about growth and business models

Other team members

Jovana Ugrinic

Business Operations Analyst

Nicola Lanzilotto

Software Engineer

Gabriele Panico

Software Engineer

Giovanni Troisi

Software Engineer

Mirco Leo

Software Engineer

Dario De Pascalis

Software Engineer

Gianluca Lorenzo

AI & Data Engineer

Cosé Murciano

Brand Strategy

Saeid Kajkolah

Organic Growth Marketer

Marco Sponziello

Administration, Finance & Control