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automate conversations

Our Company

Tiledesk’s journey has started with the development of a live messaging open-source chat SDK.
Over the years, this first technological module has been joined by others, bringing Tiledesk to be today an all-in-one customer engagement platform: from pre-sales to post-sales, from your website to whatsapp and other digital channels.
Tiledesk is recognized nowadays among the best-in-class live chat + chatbot solutions worldwide.
Its no-code platform to automate conversations is available both in Cloud and On-Premise. The Cloud version is distributed via a SaaS model.

Tiledesk team

Tiledesk team


Years of Tech Expertise

Tiledesk team



Tiledesk team



Our vision is to empower everyone to create automated conversational flows that boost not only customer engagement but customer conversion, too.

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Our Leadership Team


Andrea Sponziello
President & Chief Product Officer

20+ years of experience on Content
Management and open-source
Enterprise Applications
By 10 years on “real time” messaging
and conversational interfaces


Francesco Caracuta
Chief Executive Officer

20+ years of experience in Business
Development and Go-to-Market for IT
Experience both with Corporate and
Start-up/Scale-up environment


Michele Pomposo
Chief Growth Officer

10+ years of international experience
in corporate, startup and scale-up
Since 2018 working on the design of
multichannel customer journeys on
digital channels

Team members

Jovana Ugrinic

Business Operations Analyst

Nicola Lanzilotto

Software Engineer

Andrea Leo

Tech Lead

Giovanni Troisi

Software Engineer

Mirco Leo

Software Engineer

Gabriele Panico

Software Engineer

Gianluca Lorenzo

AI & Data Engineer

Cosé Murciano

Brand Strategy

Dario De Pascalis

Software Engineer

Saeid Kajkolah

Organic Growth Marketer

Marco Sponziello

Administration, Finance & Control

Some of our Customers

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