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AI Chatbot

Tiledesk’s AI-powered chatbots are designed to automate repetitive tasks, engage with website visitors, and guide them through the purchasing cycle. With our advanced technology, you can:

Design your own conversation flow.

Use Tiledesk’s drag-and-drop chatbot builder to create custom conversation flows.

Engage with customers proactively.

Send automated messages based on predefined events to initiate engagement with customers.

Automate customer interactions.

Set conditions and required actions for the chatbot to manage, allowing for seamless automation of customer interactions.

Collect valuable visitor data.

Save conversations, contact information, and visited webpages to gain insights into your visitors’ behavior.

Receive feedback from customers.

Allow customers to provide feedback after each conversation to continuously improve your customer support.

Make conversations human-like.

Utilize ChatGPT-powered bots to answer questions from your knowledge base in a natural and human-like manner.

Provide fast responses.

Let bots handle repetitive questions while human agents manage complex issues.

Analyze your customer interactions.

Get detailed analytics on conversations, response time, duration, and much more

Live Chat

Maximize your support capacity and save time and effort with Tiledesk’s Live Chat feature. Leverage the power of AI to excel in customer support and provide a seamless experience for your customers. With our advanced Live Chat, you can:

Utilize an AI Assistant.

Let a bot act as an assistant to help website visitors find their best solution and guide them through the purchasing process.

Create an AI Help Desk.

Set up a help desk powered by artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately answer customer inquiries.

Use Canned Responses.

Save time by creating canned responses for common questions, allowing bots to provide fast and consistent answers.

Surprise with Multilanguage Support.

Delight your visitors by automatically responding in their language based on their browser IP.

Efficiently Manage Tickets.

Issue tickets within the live chat, set priorities, and assign them to the relevant department or representative for efficient resolution.

Never Miss an Offline Message.

Keep your customers informed when you’re not online by collecting their email and getting back to them later.

Set Operating Hours.

Define your operating hours for a better customer experience, so customers know when they can reach you.

Ban Unwanted Users.

Maintain control over your live chat by banning access based on the IP address of visitors.


Efficiently route visitor requests to designated groups with Tiledesk’s Departments feature. Ensure that your visitors’ messages are always directed to the right agents for a seamless customer experience.

Create Multiple Departments.

Group your agents into departments to efficiently manage visitor requests.

Use Smart Assignments.

Bots use NLP to understand the intent of inquiries and redirect them to the appropriate department.

Manually Assign Tasks.

Assign tasks to the right department manually for greater control over visitor requests.


Get integrated with unlimited tools using an API key with Tiledesk’s Integrations feature. It’s simple but very effective in making any kind of automation.

Automation with Web Requests.

Use this feature to transmit data on the World Wide Web, such as transferring information from your chatbot to your HubSpot CRM.

Website Builders.

Easily implement your live chat on WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, and Joomla. It’s hassle-free and takes less than 5 minutes.

Communication Channels.

Be where your customers are by integrating with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram. Tiledesk is omnichannel.

Utilize OpenAI.

After creating your help center, connect your chatbot to ChatGPT to make its answers human-like and sourced from your help center.

Integrate with Emailing Tools.

Connect with email tools like to enhance your customer communication.

Google Tag Manager.

Add Tiledesk to your website without editing its source code using Google Tag Manager.


Make data-driven decisions to find bottlenecks and improve them effectively with Tiledesk’s Analytics feature. Access a detailed view of your customer support KPIs instantly.

Monitor Conversation Metrics.

Access the number of conversations, visitors, and messages, and filter them based on departments, agents, and dates.

Measure Response Time.

View the average response time to gauge the effectiveness of your customer support. Identify areas where customer support takes more time.

Track Conversation Duration.

Monitor the conversation duration of each agent or department to find new ways to speed up responses to customer inquiries.

Use Event Monitoring.

Define new events based on your needs like “load page” or “new conversation” and monitor them effortlessly.

Analyze Customer Feedback.

Access customer feedback in the rating section of analytics. Filter them based on agent or department to identify strengths and weaknesses.


Make the Tiledesk widget your own. Customize it to fit your brand identity and the way you want to use it.

Set a Welcome Message.

Decide how you’re going to start the conversation once the customer opens the widget.

Set an Offline Message.

Inform your customers when you’re out of the office with a message that assures them you’ll get back to them soon.

Select Dashboard Language.

Tiledesk supports 24+ languages. Choose your preferred language and personalize your experience.

Remove Tiledesk Logo.

If you wish, you can remove the Tiledesk logo in order to have fully customized chat widget.

Align Chat Widget.

Choose where the widget will be displayed; on the left or right side. You decide.

Customize Widget Appearance.

Choose from ready-to-use templates or select the exact color for the widget that fits your brand.

Choose Your Notifications.

Decide where you receive new conversation notifications. Choose from in-app audio notifications, desktop push notifications, and email notifications.


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