Best AI Chatbot for Customer Service

Rapid answers, happier customers

Unlimited chatbots

Give instant 24/7 answers to increase CSAT

Customers don’t like waiting!! Our Chatbot gives instant response for the basic questions before your agent can take over the chat control.

Create chatbot easily in a few minutes

With Tiledesk you can create your own chatbot for customer service without any programming skills. It’s not hard at all!

Reduce customer service costs quickly

Chatbot based Live Chat cut down your resource cost, you need zero or a few agents for the live chat customer support.

5 Steps Workflow

Instantly resolve more than 30% of your customers’ most common questions

How it works:


A customer has a question / request

When a customer contacts you, Tiledesk Bot scans the text to understand what your customer needs.


Instant answers

Answer Bot works in multiple languages and uses its powerful deep learning technology to find the most relevant answer.


Share knowledge articles

Combine chatbots with a knowledge base to strengthen your customer experience.

chatbot for customer service knowledge base articles sharing


Or deflect to an agent

If a customer still needs help, its question would be answered by a human agent. Feedback is automatically collected to train the chatbot.


A ticket is solved

The customer reviews the reply and if its request is satisfied the ticket can be closed.