Best AI-Powered Chatbot to Generate Qualified Leads

Happier customers, faster-growing businesses

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Collect customers' contact details

Engage your customers naturally in a conversational flow you’ve built, thanks to our form builder. Forget about the offputting pre-chat form that does not allow you to converse with your customers first.

View your customers' location

Thanks to our inbuilt tool, you’ll be able to better identify and draw analysis from your customers’ location. Not only that, but you’ll be also able to see what is the website page they’re writing to you from.

Automated list of contacts

Every customer’s contact info will be collected in an automated list of contacts. You’ll be able to organize this list thanks to personalizable tags and notes. Let’s take the most advantage of AI for lead generation.

3 Steps Workflow

Boost customer satisfaction while generating new qualified leads through an AI lead generation software


A messege will appear next to chatbot widget

A wonderful approach to interact with your visitors depending on their actions while on your website is through proactive chat triggers.

ai for lead generation


Customized message to get customer attention

Depending on the topic of the webpage, offer your products, services, or even a newsletter subscription. It’s completely customizable and can be changed on different webpages.


Then the form builder will get customer info.

Here is where you can use our form builder to get some useful information about your customer for further communications. This simple process can generate lots of traffic while proposing your deals.

Qualified Lead Generation

Lead generation is known as finding potential customers who are interested in your service and reaching out to them to continue a conversation and convert them.
Since you can only convert strangers and visitors into customers after you’ve captured their interest, generating leads is crucial for your brand.
Typically, creating leads entails gathering data about potential clients and their needs. Creating a chatbot is one of the AI lead generation tools that can help your business remarkably. This enables you to enhance your good or service and obtain a competitive advantage.

ai lead generation tools

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