Building an AI chatbot to support the customer service team

Tiledesk's built-in chatbots will help your business resolve more than 30% of your customers' common issues.

building an ai chatbot

Create Free Chatbot For your Website

With Tiledesk, building an AI chatbot for your website is easier than ever. Support your customer service team with our free AI-Powered chatbot builder. It’s easy; you should try it for fun! Customers demand instant responses; it’s what makes them happy. But you are only sometimes around to answer them quickly. But chatbots are always there to respond to website visitors immediately. As chatbots are Ai-powered, they can understand the customer intent and provide the best possible answers.

In many cases, without human intervention, chatbots can solve customer problems perfectly. Still, when things get rough, no chatbot is perfect. What will happen is that the chatbot will hand over the customer conversation to its human colleague. This combination of teamwork between chatbots and humans maximizes the best possible customer experience within a live chat.

We offer the best free chatbot builder with a forever free plan. 

Chatbot for website

Chatbot Design Studio

We also have great news for those who like to make everything perfect from the beginning. Chatbot Design Studio is an evolutionary idea that will change the market perception of the abilities of AI-powered chatbots. You can start from the very beginning and use our chatbot builder service to design your chatbot without coding knowledge.

Take the most advantage of our new brand no-code chatbot studio. That’s fabulous.

building an ai chatbot

Undoubtedly automation is one of the most important factors in providing excellent customer service. The article below details how important it is to implement automated customer service for lead generation and sales teams.  

Advantages of automated customer service

Free Chatbot Templates

To make it all nice and easy, our teams of experts have made free chatbot templates available to you. The chatbot implementation process was made faster thanks to chatbot templates. The chatbot customization was made more accessible. Don’t be shy – feel free to edit the conversation flow based on your needs and priorities. 

building an ai chatbot

Customer Service Chatbot Template

Immediate responses to common customer questions without human involvement.

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Customer Feedback Chatbot Template

Customer Feedback Chatbot Template

Automatic feedback collecting is crucial to the long-term survival of any business.

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helpdesk chatbot template free download

Helpdesk Tickets Chatbot Template

Be more accessible and give your customers a way to issue tickets through a chatbot interaction.

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ecommerce chatbot template free download

Christmas Chatbot Template

Enable your customers to get inspired, choose, and pay for what you offer within the live chat.

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Make Chatbot Template from Scratch

Try our no-code chatbot builder. It is easy to use, customizable, and FREE (forever)!

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Chatbot Integration

Are you already using other AI solutions and are you looking for easy live agent handoffs?

NO CODE required!

Tiledesk ai integrations

Business owners love this feature because it doesn’t matter if you have a WordPress website or a Shopify online store; you can easily integrate your website with the Tiledesk app. Integration with WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, Dialogflow, Zapier, Rasa, and many more are possible with Tiledesk.  Also, here is an in-depth article for creating a chatbot for ecommerce.

Also, customers use different messaging channels to contact you. Some people prefer WhatsApp, while some prefer email. It is hard to manage all these conversations, and it is possible to miss some customer inquiries. At Tiledesk, we provide a Unified messaging feature that allows you to interact with your customer through the live chat widget and with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. 

Adaptive chatbot technology to tame all your digital channels

Don’t sweat it. Design your conversational flow once, then run it on every channel,
from Whatsapp to your Website

create ai powered chatbot

Do you want your chatbots to reply with a button?

Tiledesk will do the leg work for you, dynamically adapting the button to all the channels.

The best part: it’s all no-code!

Design your adaptive chatbot

Chatbots Features Includes:

Allows for 7/24 support

Around-the-clock support is guaranteed, regardless of your customer’s location or time zones. Chatbots are equipped with some cool features and are always ready to pounce. If you happen to have an international clientele, worry not. With a targeted human intervention for complex issues only, your chatbots will do the rest of the job for you and in the language of your preference. Multilingual customer service is essential when you have customers all over the world. And your chatbots can easily be polyglots. One of the most exciting chatbot features is that they feed on the power of artificial intelligence. This means your chatbots can be live-trained in the live chat conversations as they naturally evolve. Every time you speak to a new customer, new info will acquire (e.g. FAQ) and will use to train your chatbot accuracy.

free chatbot builder

building an ai free chatbot

Instant response, customer satisfaction

Customers love instant responses, which means you care and listen to their problems. You’ll gain a reputation for being reliable among your customer base when you prove to be a good listener and an even more excellent problem-solver. While live agents probably feel bored with repetitive questions or overwhelmed with queries, chatbots are fantastic at doing that part of the job, aka dealing with frequently asked questions. They can also take advantage of the knowledge base. A chatbot (without code) can understand the question’s intent and answer customers’ queries with the knowledge base. In this scenario, the customer will find the answer immediately without human intervention. But some complex problems need human support, and chatbots call an agent to resolve the issue. The whole process is automated and seamless.

Reduce customer support staff

Chatbot-based Live Chat cuts down your resource cost, and you need zero or a few agents for live chat customer support. As previously discussed, chatbots assist your support staff at the beginning of the conversation. In many circumstances, they can answer consumers’ questions on their own. Chatbots have the potential to cut the number of support team members significantly. We are all aware that even the finest employees make mistakes. The majority of support representatives’ jobs consist of easy, repetitive tasks that anybody can do. Automation is one of the most effective ways to improve customer service while reducing human error. As a result, chatbots will improve agent satisfaction by handling low-value questions while leaving complex problems to your staff. The way chatbot helps businesses depends on the industry. For example, here is an article about how to create a restaurant chatbot and its benefits. 

making an ai free chatbot

building an ai free chatbot for your website

Centralizes information

Chatbots enable you to answer customers’ questions in one place. No matter your customer’s communication channel, all their messages will be collected in one single inbox, and you can handle them directly from the unified inbox. It makes the communication process faster and easier, and you can be sure you will keep all messages. Also, chatbots help you to collect feedback and generate qualified leads. Customer feedback at the end of each conversation will help you improve your business according to what customers need and think about your business.

Advantages of automated customer service

Boost customer satisfaction with less effort.

Tiledesk is an open-source, powerful chatbot builder that provides many free features. At the same time, our competitors charge businesses a lot for the same features. We offer templates, unlimited chatbots, and different integration just for free. We support companies in all the implementation processes. 

Business owners can seek answers to the most common questions in the knowledge base or post in our forum or discord channel, and our experts will happily support them.