Chatbots in Financial Services
Increase Revenue via Automation

Chatbots in the financial services industry can help businesses grow and thrive by providing benefits such as enhanced customer experience, task automation, onboarding, cost reduction, and revenue increase.

chatbots in financial services

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How Chatbots Can Enhance Customer Experience and Automate Tasks in the Financial Service Industry

Chatbots can automate repetitive tasks such as account opening, balance checking, money transfer, etc.

Chatbots can handle many of the common and routine tasks that customers and employees need to perform in the financial service industry. Imagine having a tool that never sleeps or gets tired and can handle multiple tasks in one moment. Chatbots can let you do that.

Your customers can easily open accounts, check their balances, transfer money, pay bills, and more without visiting a branch or calling a representative.

Your employees can also use chatbots to automate internal processes such as reporting, scheduling, training, etc.

chatbots for financial services companies

Chatbots can provide personalized and timely service to customers.

Chatbots can utilize natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer needs and preferences. They can also save customer data automatically and provide more accurate and personalized service in the future.

They can recommend different products to different customers based on their preferences. This feature makes chatbots a key player in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty by making visitors feel valued and cared for.

Chatbots can also answer customer queries and requests in real time, 24/7, on any channel or device.

Chatbots can reduce support costs and increase revenue by cross-selling products and services

Chatbots can save money and time by handling most of the sales and support inquiries without human agents. Some of our customers say chatbots can handle 87% of customer inquiries and save 30 hours for each rep per month.

Financial services companies can easily use chatbots to answer customer questions with a knowledge base and use human agents as a backup.

Chatbots can offer discounts and incentives to increase sales and collect customer information for follow-ups. Additionally, they can also start conversations with proactive features.

customer satisfaction with chatbot in finance industry

Chatbots can onboard new customers and employees with ease and efficiency

Chatbots can make the onboarding process easier and faster for customers and employees in the financial service industry. Chatbots can securely and conveniently collect and verify the information and documents that customers and employees need to provide.

Chatbots can also guide and support them throughout onboarding and answer their questions or concerns. They can also offer the option to talk with a real agent in critical or important steps such as checkout.

Chatbots can save time and effort for onboarding and increase the retention and satisfaction of customers and employees.

Examples of Chatbot Use Cases in Finance

Chatbots can act as virtual assistants for customers and employees.

Chatbots can assist with tax filing and mortgage applications.

Chatbots can ensure regulatory compliance and fraud prevention.

Chatbots can offer financial advice and guidance based on customers’ preferences.

Chatbots can approve loans and settle insurance claims instantly and transparently.

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chatbots in financial services

How Chatbots are Driving Customer Engagement in Finance

You won’t believe how chatbots are enhancing customer engagement in finance. These articles will show you the incredible benefits and opportunities of chatbots!

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Why Tiledesk is the Best Choice for Building Chatbots in Financial Services

We offer tight data security and compliance with industry standards. Tiledesk is built as an open-source platform from the ground up to ensure the safety of your data.

We provide rich conversational UI and free chatbot templates that support multiple channels and languages. You can modify them based on your needs with our no-code technology.

We enable short time to market with easy integration and customization. You can launch your chatbot in minutes with Tiledesk.

With Tiledesk, you can create your own knowledge base for free that empowers chatbots with relevant information.

Tiledesk allows you to seamlessly connect your chatbot with popular communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Tiledesk Customers Share Their Success Stories with Chatbots in Financial Services

An Efficient Helpdesk software For small and medium-sized businesses

Tiledesk is an important tool for business that want to provide efficient and effective customer support, with customizable workflows and automation features.

Tiledesk has a user friendly interface, it is easy to navigate making it accessible for users of all levels of technical expertise.


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Business Development Manager
Financial Services
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Elementary and pretty friendly Help Desk, Chatbots, and Live chats Solution.

Tiledesk contains a chatbot widget that assists in replying to queries and questions raised by clients. The advantage of integrating this software is that minimal know-how of learning the machine is required. Another thing I like about Tiledesk is the live chat graphic layout. It’s just superb.


Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
Financial Manager
Financial Services
201-500 employees

Best-in-class open-source communication software for client and customer engagement!

Good so far. No trouble in integration or deployment. Quite mature software for managing the business through continuous messaging and live chat service in a streamlined manner.

AI-powered live chat facility is one of the best features for automated customer engagement. All different WhatsApp business for different verticals is managed and integrated with Tilesdesk and ensure a real-time complete flow of information end to end. Unified message service and completed ticketing management for resolving queries and issues in a timely manner.

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Tiledesk is a visual and intuitive way to organize Tasks

Tiledesk integrates well with other tools and software that you use to manage your work. Also, it allows for Collaboration, making it easy to share tasks, deadlines, and other important information with colleagues.


Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
Team Leader
Financial Services
501-1000 employees

Chatbot is automatically operated.

The chatbot is easy to program and operate, then there will be a screen presentation during live chat.


Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
MTN mobile money Agent
Financial Services
1001-5000 employees

Chatbots can help you automate tasks, streamline processes and enhance customer experience in financial services. Try it for yourself and see the difference.