Chatbot for Travel Industry
It Can Save You Time and Attract People

Millions of people book flights, hotels, restaurants, and more daily. But how can you make your business stand out from the crowd and deliver the best service to your customers? The answer is chatbot. Chatbots can automate tasks, answer questions, attract new customers, provide recommendations, and handle bookings 24/7.

chatbot for travel industry

of customer inquiries
is handled by chatbots
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time is saved.
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travel industry

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How Chatbots for Travel Industry Increase Revenue and Cut Costs

Reduce the Need for Human Agents and Cut Costs

Handle Multiple Customer Queries Simultaneously

Upsell Additional Services and Boost Revenue

Guide Customers Through the Booking Process and Increase Conversion Rates

Integrate with Various Platforms and Channels to Reach More Customers

Send Confirmation and Reminders and Handle Cancellations and Changes

Provide Instant and Consistent Support Before, During, and After the Trip

Answer Questions, Resolve Issues, and Offer Tips and Suggestions

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chatbot for travel industry

Grow Your Travel Business with WhatsApp Integration

Increase Life Time Value by 30% with End-to-End Relationships

Stay Connected with Your Travel Customers and Generate More Leads

Provide 24/7 Travel Services and Build Trust with Your Customers

How Tiledesk Can Boost Your Travel Business with Chatbot for Travel Industry

Tiledesk lets you design your own chatbot for travel industry from scratch with a drag-and-drop interface and chatbot components, without coding.

Enjoy hundreds of free ready-to-use chatbot templates for various industries, including hotel, travel agency, and restaurant.

Test your chatbot in real-time and publish it to your website or other channels with one click

You can reach more customers and provide them with a seamless and consistent experience across different devices and touchpoints

chatbots can answer questions, provide recommendations, guide bookings, handle cancellations and changes, and offer tips and suggestions to your customers

You can also use Tiledesk’s multichannel messaging feature to manage all your conversations from one dashboard and switch between chatbot and human agents as needed.

Tiledesk Reviews: Chatbot for Travel Industry Success Stories

Tiledesk Overall Experience

I had a good experience with the software, and I recommend it. It is very useful software if you want to have instant communication with others.

Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
Food & Beverages
51-200 employees

Definitely the best in the market

The possibility to design it once and integrate it with all my communication channel make this product my favorite after years of searching. Easy to implement and start, thanks to the free template.

Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
1-10 employees

Easy and immediate communication with customers

Being able to communicate with probable customers via chat while they visit the b&b website is a great opportunity to convince them to book by providing immediate assistance and information. Thanks to Tiledesk’s integration with whatsapp or telegram, I don’t need to install additional apps on my smartphone.

Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
Bed and breakfast
1-10 employees

The best open source live chat, especially with its bot replies

We switched to Tiledesk from Drift, and are not looking back! Tiledesk is more lightweight (better for pagespeed), far, far less expensive, with way better chatbot support.

Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
Travel Arrangements

Tiledesk Chatbot Platform Review

Tiledesk helps us overcome the communication barrier between us and our beloved clients. It is easy to deploy and has an all-in-one access dashboard.


Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
IT Managaer
Leisure, Travel & Tourism

A must to have

Customer service is helpful. Good layouts and ease of scheduling.

Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
1-10 employees

See how chatbot for travel industry can boost your business. Get a free demo with Tiledesk and learn how to automate, personalize, and integrate your chatbot.