Improve Patient Satisfaction with Chatbots in Healthcare Industry

Chatbots are a smart and convenient way to schedule appointments and help patients in the healthcare industry. They can also improve patient experience and satisfaction by reducing waiting times and providing personalized service

chatbots in healthcare industry

of customer inquiries
is handled by chatbots
of each representative’s
time is saved.
median CSAT for
healthcare industry

Faster and Easier Service for Patients Like Scheduling Appointments

Personalized and Convenient Service for Patients

Improved Health Outcomes and Education for Patients

Increased Patient Trust and Loyalty

Reduced Errors and Risks in Healthcare

Enhanced Brand Reputation and Value for Providers

Our Chatbot Solution for the Healthcare Industry is Trusted by Many Companies

Chatbots in Healthcare Industry

Chatbots in Healthcare Industry:
Best Practices and Tips for Success

Chatbot Integration with WhatsApp and More:
Why It Matters for Healthcare

Increase Life Time Value by 35% with End-to-End Relationships

Deliver Instant and Personalized Customer Service via WhatsApp

Boost Customer Engagement with WhatsApp Chatbot Marketing

Tiledesk's Chatbot Solutions in
Healthcare Industry

A no-code chatbot builder that lets you build customized chatbots for various healthcare applications in minutes.

A visual chatbot builder that lets you design your conversation flow and define triggers without writing any code.

Free chatbot templates you can implement effortlessly for the healthcare industry, such as hospital appointments, health insurance, and more.

A knowledge base feature that allows patients to ask questions and receive accurate answers. You can create your own knowledge base for free.

A multichannel messaging feature that lets you connect your chatbots to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other messaging channels.

A conversational ticketing feature that lets you manage your chatbot conversations and transfer them to human agents if needed.

An open-source stack that prioritizes privacy and lets you keep your own data. You can host your chatbots on your own servers or cloud providers.

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Very Good Live Chat

We have used Tiledesk to address our concerns and everything has gone excellently. Both our clients and our service staff have been able to solve the problems quickly. The live chat is very good, there is hardly any message delay and it is easy to use.

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