Conversational AI in Telecom & Media:
A Game-Changer for the Industry

Conversational AI allows humans and machines to interact naturally and intelligently. It automates tasks, delivers information, provides assistance, and enhances customer experiences

conversational ai in telecom and media

of customer inquiries
is handled by chatbots
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Conversational AI Benefits Telecom and Media Companies

Improving Customer Service and Satisfaction

Reducing Operational Costs and Increasing Efficiency

Generating New Revenue Streams and Opportunities

Enhancing Brand Reputation and Loyalty

Recommending and Personalizing Content

Analyzing Customer Feedback and Sentiment

Automating Marketing and Sales

Simplifying and Naturalizing Conversations

Meet the Companies That Trust Our Conversational AI Solution for Telecom & Media

Conversational AI in Telecom & Media

How Tiledesk Helped Cairo RCS Store to Increase Customer Engagement Online

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Increase Life Time Value by 35% with End-to-End Relationships

Resolve Issues and Motivate Users to Make the Best Purchase Decisions

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Tiledesk is the Ultimate Conversational AI Platform for Telecom and Media

A Wide Range of Features and Integrations for Conversational AI

Design and Customize Your Conversational AI without Coding with Tiledesk

Benefit from an Open Source and Privacy-Friendly Platform for Conversational AI

Reach Your Customers on Multiple Channels and Languages with Conversational AI

Monitor and Optimize Your Conversational AI Performance and Results using Tiledesk

Access Many Ready to Use Chatbots from Tiledesk Chatbot Builder Community

See How Tiledesk Solutions for Telecom & Media Industry Have Helped Our Customers

Friendly Intuitive Chat Platform

I am always on the lookout for tools that provide robust functionality in an intuitive interface. Tiledesk hits that sweet spot, offering a full set of live chat features with an easy-to-use design. What I appreciate most about Tiledesk is the breadth of its capabilities. It includes chat, co-browsing, agent routing, canned responses, visitor monitoring and more. Despite the depth of its features, the interface remains clean and simple to navigate.

Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
DevOps Engineer

Tiledesk review

This software is open-source and user-friendly. It helps with customer service and support. It works well, and I have no complaints.

Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
Technical support
11-50 employees

Generate qualified leads

I recently discovered Tiledesk’s chatbot feature while comparing similar tools for one of our clients and was very impressed with the overall user experience. The chatbot’s automated responses are helpful and accurate. I also appreciate that it can be customized to meet the specific needs of a brand in most parts.

Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
Marketing and Advertising

Good automated chatbot software that captures leads

My experience with Tiledesk so far has been very good. It is a clean software with minimal fuss. One thing that I particularly like about Tiledesk is that it is open-source. Additionally, the lead capture through the chatbot is very accurate and prompt, which is very helpful for us.

Tiledesk chatbot solution for telecom and media
Product Marketing Manager

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