Government Chatbot: The Most
Efficient Way for Citizens' Satisfaction

Citizens today expect fast, convenient and personalized services from their government. But how can you meet these expectations without spending a fortune or hiring more staff? The answer is a government chatbot

Government Chatbot

of customer inquiries
is handled by chatbots
of each representative’s
time is saved.
median CSAT for
public services

How Chatbots Can Help Governments Provide

Better Services for Citizens

Boost Internal Support for Government Employees and Improve Their Productivity and Satisfaction

Simplify Business Permits Inquiries for Entrepreneurs and Guide Them Through the Process

Provide One-Stop Service for Residents and Connect Them with Multiple Government Agencies

Save Time and Money for Governments and Citizens by Automating Tasks and Providing Instant Responses

Inform Citizens About Events and Happenings in Their Local Communities

Ensure Consistent and Accurate Answers for Citizens and Minimize the Spread of False Information

Enhance User Experience with Easy Navigation and 24/7 Availability on Government Websites and Portals

Enable Secure and Convenient Property Tax Payments for Residents and Reduce Administrative Burden for Governments

See Who's Using Our Chatbot Solution for Government Services

Government Chatbot

How We Helped the Government of Italy to Deploy a Chatbot for Public Services and Citizen Engagement

WhatsApp and More: Tiledesk Enables Omnichannel Chatbots for Government

Provide Self-Service Solutions with No Human Costs on WhatsApp

Segment and Analyze Your Audience with a WhatsApp Chatbot

Inform Citizens about the Events, Newsletter and Appointments

Why Tiledesk is the Best Choice for a Customizable and Scalable Government Chatbot Platform

Open Source Technology for Full Control and Ownership of Your Government Chatbot

Secure and Compliant Government Chatbot Solutions to Protect Your Citizen Data and Privacy

Government Chatbot with Multiple Languages and Channels to Support Your Citizens

Manage and Monitor Your Government Chatbot Performance and Usage with Tiledesk

Open Source and User-Friendly Government Chatbot Tools to Support Your Integration and Collaboration

Tiledesk’s Experience and Expertise in Working with Governments and Meeting Their Requirements

Tiledesk Reviews: Government Chatbot Success Stories and Testimonials

Valuable and Friendly

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