Chatbot template to easily create an IVR Menu

Artificial Intelligence makes Natural Language Processing and Quick Response capabilities a reality.

dynamic chatbot template

Allows for 7/24 support

Self-service and personalized services

Reduces the need for Live Agents

More about this template

The Conversational IVR template can recognize customers' purpose, context, and content. Then Providing a dynamic customer experience by answering in Natural Language enhances Agent efficiency and simultaneously lowers Customer Service costs.
Get rid of bothering menu-driven structure, and accelerate customer satisfaction with a personalized and convenient self-service conversational template.

Template features

  • Ready-to-use quick replies
  • Customizable buttons
  • Guide customers through different options


Once designed, you can run your unlimited no-code chatbots on every communication channel of your choosing.
Be it WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.
With no further clicks or actions.

excellent customer service with automation


How do I activate this chatbot template?

First, sign up for a free Tiledesk account. Then, go to the Bots section on your dashboard and pick a chatbot template. Click on Add Bot and give it a personalized name. Activate the Bot. Tailor the responses, if you so wish.

Are the chatbot templates for free?

Yes. No tricks played.

Can I edit this template?

Yes. All Chatbot templates can be easily edited by clicking on the pencil icon on the right side.

What is the maximum number of the chatbot templates I can get?

There is NO limitation to the number of bots you cans use. We do confide in a fair API usage.

What does no-code chatbot design mean?

No developer or programming skills are required. Everything can work with just a single click or two and that’s the real magic.

What Pro features enhance Chatbot templates?

OPERATING HOURS: your chatbot will be able to handover the conversations to your human operators only within a pre-set timeframe (e.g. 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri).

Or there’s SMART ASSIGNMENT that can automate an equal conversation distribution based on your agents’ availability. So that nobody gets overwhelmed and clients’ needs are met as quick as possible.