The Tiledesk Experts Network

Approved agencies and developers for custom development with Tiledesk, the powerful platform for conversational AI and instant messaging.

Tiledesk is infinitely flexible, allowing business customers to make or commission new features perfectly suited to their requirements using Tiledesk provided extension points or open source components. There is no limitation on the design or functionality for a Tiledesk custom project.
If you already have in-house developers or an agency with the right development skills, you’re ready to start customising. If not, find help via our Experts Network.

The network
The Tiledesk Experts Network includes leading system integration agencies and freelancers all around the world. They all have the expertise and experience to produce good projects, and they have a direct line to Tiledesk HQ if they need support.
Find an expert
Contact and let us know what kind of project you have in mind. We’ll help you find the right people.
Data developer or agency? Join the network
If you’re an experienced chatbot/live chat/mobile/web developer and interested in connecting with clients via the Tiledesk Experts Network, get in touch at