Tiledesk Product Update – January 2023

World’s 1st (free) Chatbot Community!

We wanted to start the year in the right spirit by launching something more innovative than ever. We work on and with chatbots on a daily basis, as does our Community. How do we make these creations widely available so that we can share as much as possible? And you know us, being open-source, we’re all about sharing and passing on knowledge. We figured we can do that through the very first (free) Chatbot Community. So, what it is about and how does it work?

Why should I try it out?

Not only you’ll be able to design entire chatbot conversations with 0 coding skills required, but you’ll also be inspired to publish your works of art in our Chatbot Community. You’ll be able to see what other projects our Community has worked on, use it as a template for yourself, and adapt it as you please.

It’s exactly the place where you can adopt existing chatbots and tailor them to your needs.

The idea is to give you tools to not just have fun with different types of bots, but to achieve your business goals, too. This is why we have made free Chatbot templates available to you that are designed for different purposes.

We’ve already made two macro-categories, “Increase Sales” and “Customer Satisfaction” to ease your Chatbot Community navigation. These two categories will show all of the related chatbot templates you can use right away.

Tag your chatbots or filter tags such as “lead gen“, “multi-language”, and “customer service” to be able to find the ones that fit your needs and help others do the same.

free chatbot community
Tiledesk Chatbot Community

Where do I find it?

Go to the Bot section, create a Chatbot, and publish it on the Community, where you’ll see it together with everyone else’s.

Or, if you don’t have that much time, you can pick, choose and play with the ones other users have posted. You can adopt and customize as many Chatbots as you wish.

Jovana Ugrinic
Jovana Ugrinic
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