Chatbot Conversation Flow Template
for Every Purpose

Chatbot conversation flow templates can help you improve customer service, engage with your customers, and boost sales. Learn about the different types of chatbot conversation flow template and how to choose the right one for your business.

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What is a Chatbot Conversation Flow Template?

Chatbot conversation flow templates are pre-defined conversation flows that can help you improve your customer service and engage with your customers on a more personal level. These templates cover the most common tasks that chatbots are used for, so you can quickly customize them to fit your business needs. Plus, pre-built chatbot templates make it easy to implement a chatbot quickly and experiment with different templates to see what works best for your customers.

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Chatbot Conversation Flow Templates:
Free to Use and Customizable

Looking for a chatbot conversation flow template that meets your needs? Look no further!

We offer a variety of free and customizable chatbot conversation flow templates that can be used for different purposes:

Customer Service, Lead Generation, Sales, Marketing, Education, and Entertainment.

All of our templates are designed by experts and can be implemented in minutes.

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Proactive Chatbot Template

Proactively engage with your customers and offer them a demo request or help them choose the right solution.

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Product Cards Chatbot Template

Display product cards with a link to buy or view more details in the widget. It also shows the items that the user has added to their cart.

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customer feedback chatbot template

Customer Feedback Chatbot Template

Ask for customer feedback after each conversation to identify the pain points and improve your conversation flow.

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lead generation chatbot template

Lead Generation Chatbot Template

Boost customer satisfaction while simultaneously generating new qualified leads among the conversations for your business

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Community-Driven Chatbot Templates: Free, Customizable, and Innovative!

Join our vibrant community of chatbot developers and enthusiasts from around the world. Discover a wide range of free and customizable chatbot templates, designed to fit any business need. Get inspired by the creativity of our community members and customize your own chatbot conversation flow to match your brand identity. Share your templates with others and contribute to the growth of the conversational apps ecosystem.

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Haven’t Found Your Ideal Conversation Flow Yet? Design Yours with Our Visual Conversation Designer

Our recent technology allows you to design your chatbot conversation flow with a visual conversation designer. This means that you don’t need any coding knowledge to create a chatbot that is tailored to your specific needs. The visual conversation designer is easy to use and can be customized to fit your brand and style.

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Tips for creating your dream conversation flow

Although creating a chatbot template is easy with Tiledesk, you should know about the chatbot’s purpose first. And keep in mind that your chatbot is representing your brand. Then design the conversation flow customized and personalized to your brand.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to understand what they need. Your conversation should flow naturally, starting with a greeting, asking questions, reviewing information, reporting back, offering solutions, and concluding. Designing the conversation flow is the first step, but it needs constant improvement.

Conversations have different scenarios; then, provide answers for every possible scenario. And a button for talking with a live agent, in case your customer faces difficulties. The chatbot will transform the conversation to the proper agent.

Remember, every conversation ends at some point. May by saying “goodbye” or by “shaking hands.” With a warm message, ends your conversation to display friendship and clarity. 

Our expert team is ready to help you in making the first chatbot.

You can easily use the chatbot template (free download) and then modify them according to your business or create it from scratch.