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What is a chatbot template?

A pre-designed chatbot template covers the most generic conversation flow according to its specific task. And then, you can quickly customize and share chatbot template to make them more personalized. Although you can start from scratch to build a chatbot, pre-built chatbot templates help you implement fast and experiment with different templates easily to see which works better with your business.

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Make your own Chatbot Template

Of course, you can design conversation flow from the beginning, but Templates can assist you ideally in starting points too. Templates are fast to implement and give you some ideas for designing conversation flow. Then you can share a chatbot template smoothly with a live agent to perfectly complete the conversation flow. Remember, Tiledesk is an open-source chatbot builder that enables you to make any changes at any time.

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lead generation chatbot template

Lead Generation Chatbot Template

Boost customer satisfaction while simultaneously generating new qualified leads for your business

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customer service chatbot template

Customer Service Chatbot Template

Immediate responses to common customer questions without human involvement. Everyone is joyful.

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handoff to live agent chatbot template

Handoff to Live Agent Chatbot Template

A mixture of Live chat & Chatbots. If a live agent is required, the chatbot will transfer the discussion.

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helpdesk ticket chatbot template

Helpdesk Tickets Chatbot Template

Be more accessible and give your customers a way to issue tickets through a chatbot interaction.

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ecommerce chatbot template

Ecommerce Chatbot Template

Enable your customers to get inspired, choose, and pay for what you offer within the live chat.

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place an order

Place an Order Chatbot Template

Make the shopping process more accessible than before with a place-an-order chatbot template

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get a quote chatbot template

Get a Quote Chatbot Template

Make all the necessary info widely available to your customers and earn their trust, not only the quote.

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discount chatbot template

Discount Chatbot Template

Discount Chatbot promotes your products and simultaneously generates leads.

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IVR Menu Chatbot Template

Artificial Intelligence makes Natural Language Processing and Quick Response capabilities a reality.

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customer feedback chatbot template

Customer Feedback Chatbot Template

Automatic feedback collecting is crucial to the long-term survival of any business.

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offline form chatbot template

Offline Form ChatBot Template

Don’t miss out on potential customers wanting to get in touch with you.

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FAQ chatbot template

Free FAQ Chatbot Template

Chatbots can be trained through earlier queries and respond better to the following conversations.

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restaurant chatbot

Hospitality & Restaurant Chatbot

Make the food ordering process more delicious by providing a visual menu.

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You can easily use the chatbot template (free download) and then modify them according to your business or create it from scratch.

Haven’t found your ideal chatbot template yet? Design your chatbot

Our recent technology allows you to easily design your chatbot without coding knowledge. Now creating a chatbot website template is not only easy but also fun. Suppose you are designing a chatbot conversation flow template from your imagination. Considering all the possible questions and defining the correct answers is the key to having a great customer experience. Let’s try it.

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Tips for chatbot UI template

Although creating a chatbot is easy, you should know about the chatbot’s purpose first. And keep in mind that your chatbot is representing your brand. Then make it customized and personalized to your brand.

Designing the conversation flow. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to understand what they need. Your conversation should be natural, starting with a greeting, asking, reviewing, reporting, offering, and conclusion.

Conversations have different scenarios; then, provide answers for every possible scenario. And a button for talking with a live agent, in case your customer faces difficulties. The chatbot will transform the conversation to the proper agent.

Remember, every conversation ends at some point. May by saying “goodbye” or by “shaking hands.” With a warm message, ends your conversation to display friendship and clarity. 

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