How to Boost Your Revenue with Real-Time Sales

Real-time sale is a strategy that aims to proactively initiate a conversation to help customers seeking assistance with their purchases. Before purchasing, people want to know all the details and circumstances about your product or services.

Although we all try to describe everything clearly (especially in the checkout process), we cannot clearly understand the customer’s concern and intent. That’s why people give up purchasing or post-posing it another time.

Many eCommerce owners have found that customers often abandon their purchases for simple reasons (e.g., refund policy or sufficient product info).
Then, supporting website visitors when they need you can effectively increase your sales.
Real-time sales allow you to take advantage of the perfect timing for highly interested customers. Instead of forcefully promoting products, you can create personalized messages that provide value and cater to their specific needs.

In simple terms, it’s a practice of being efficient with being in the right place, with the right message at the right time.

How to Boost Your Revenue with Real-Time Sales using Live Chat and Chatbots:

Provide instant customer communication and query resolution to reduce friction and increase trust

Engage customers in real time and guide them through the buying process to boost conversions

Offer tailored product suggestions based on customer data and behavior to increase sales

Reach out to website visitors proactively and offer them relevant solutions to improve sales opportunities

Minimize cart abandonment rates by promptly resolving customer concerns and offering incentives

Identify customer needs and offer relevant additional products to drive revenue growth through up-selling and cross-selling

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing timely and personalized assistance

Collect valuable customer data and feedback to optimize sales strategies and performance

In this article, I will provide an explanation of “real-time sales” and discuss its benefits for both your customers and sales team. I will analyze the advantages in detail and provide insights on how it can be incorporated into your website using the Tiledesk platform.

What is Real-Time Sales?

Real-time sale is all about being proactively ready in the purchase processes to initiate a conversation as a sales assistant. Like an experienced sales assistant, your offer must be based on the data you have and fit the customer’s needs. The key to real-time sales is being proactive: anticipating the buyer’s need and reaching out when time is ripe.

Real-time sales can be conducted using different communication platforms, including email, phone, social media, live chat, or chatbot. Nevertheless, combined live chat with chatbot stands out as a highly efficient method for real-time sales due to its ability to enable you to:

  • Initiate conversations with visitors who are browsing your website or landing pages
  • Respond instantly to inquiries or requests from potential or existing customers
  • Provide personalized and contextual guidance based on the visitor’s behavior and profile
  • Generate leads, Qualify leads, and move them along the sales funnel
  • Increase conversions and customer satisfaction

Why Real-Time Sales Benefits Your Customers and Your Sales Team

Real-time sales offers numerous advantages that benefit both your customers and your sales team.

Here are several key benefits of implementing real-time sales:

It enhances the customer experience by meeting the expectations of today’s customers who seek fast and convenient service. Gone are the days of lengthy forms, long response times, and generic messages. With real-time sales, customers receive immediate and personalized assistance tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Real-time sales boosts customer trust and loyalty by actively engaging with them during important events. This creates a strong connection and fosters confidence, as you genuinely address their concerns with customized solutions. By leaving a positive impact, you increase the likelihood of repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Real-time sales is a game-changer for boosting sales productivity and efficiency. With real-time sales, your sales team can say goodbye to time-consuming cold calling, lead chasing, and follow-up emails. Instead, they can direct their efforts towards the most promising prospects who are actively interested and ready to make a purchase. By streamlining the sales process, real-time sales accelerates deal closure, shortens the sales cycle, and ramps up conversion rates. This means more efficient use of resources and increased sales success for your team.

It also is a powerful catalyst for improving sales performance and driving revenue growth. It equips your sales team with the ability to seize more opportunities and generate higher revenue. By strategically reaching out to prospects at the opportune moment and delivering personalized messages, you greatly enhance the chances of converting them into valuable customers. Additionally, real-time sales opens avenues for upselling or cross-selling to existing customers by offering them additional value and enticing benefits. With real-time sales, your business can thrive, achieve exceptional sales success, and experience substantial revenue gains.

How to Use Tiledesk for Real-Time Sales

Tiledesk is a platform that allows you to create a seamless customer service experience across multiple channels. With Tiledesk, you can easily create chatbots that not only answer the common questions but also promotes cross-selling. Tiledesk also allows you to combine your chatbot with human agents. If the chatbot faces complex customer issues, it will hand off the conversation to a human agent to help your customer finish the purchase. 

Chatbots can act as professional sales assistants (if they develop well) that always stay energized. They can support your customer’s purchase process 24/7 without complaining about overwhelming tasks. They are also multilingual.

How to Get Started with Real-Time Sales with Tiledesk?

Implement real-time sales on your website by following these steps:

Set up a live chat widget on your website or landing pages. You can customize the widget’s appearance, behavior, and language to match your brand identity and target audience.

Define your ideal customer profile and segment your visitors based on various criteria, such as location, page visited, time spent, etc.

Create proactive chat triggers that automatically start conversations with visitors based on their segments and actions. You can use different types of triggers, such as pop-ups, buttons, or Gifs.

Write engaging and personalized chat messages that capture the attention of visitors and invite them to respond. You can use dynamic variables to insert the visitor’s name, company name, location, etc.

Effortlessly oversee and handle all your live chat conversations from one convenient dashboard. Gain valuable insights into who is currently online, their activities, and the way they are engaging with your chat widget. Seamlessly distribute conversations to different agents or departments, taking into account their availability and areas of expertise. With this streamlined approach, you can efficiently monitor and manage your live chat interactions, ensuring exceptional customer support and optimized resource allocation.

Utilize chatbots can streamline your operations by automating tasks and responses that don’t necessitate human intervention. By implementing chatbots, you can create virtual assistants capable of greeting visitors, addressing frequently asked questions, scheduling appointments, gathering contact information, and seamlessly transferring it to your CRM system. This not only saves time but also ensures consistent and efficient customer interactions. Chatbots serve as valuable tools for automating routine processes, allowing your team to focus on more complex and value-added tasks.

Tiledesk allows you to get feedback at the end of each conversation. Feedback lets you see how your chatbot and live chat effectively answer your customers. Then you can develop your chatbot for a better answer. Also, you have access to important metrics like response time, conversion rate, satisfaction rate, etc., to precisely monitor chatbot behavior. 

Remember, creating chatbots is fast and easy, but keeping them up-to-date and practical would take time and effort. 

Final thoughts

Real-time sales is a powerful strategy that can fuel your business growth and increase revenue. By incorporating chatbots and live chat, you can offer your customers fast and personalized service that caters to their specific needs. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts your sales team’s performance. They can connect with the most promising prospects at the perfect moment, delivering the right message to drive conversions. It’s a simple yet impactful way to elevate customer experience, drive sales success, and propel your business forward.

Ready to boost your revenue with real-time sales? Start your free trial with Tiledesk today and see the difference for yourself!

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