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Take a deep breath with the new Console menu!

It’s all about space. As more space you have as much useful things you can put inside. It’s all about the Console. The old menu was too big that many features suffered about usability. So we refactored everything from scratch. And the new menù was also a great opportunity to introduce our first Product tour […]

Say hi to Conversation Embedded Apps

Sometimes it’s useful to propose an entire application (aka app) in the conversation flow. When available, it is a handy tool that provides many benefits. And Tiledesk provides Conversation-embedded apps. Advantages of Conversation-embedded apps In Tiledesk “Conversation-embedded” applications (aka conversation apps) are simple web applications proposed to the user directly inside the conversational flow. They […]

Tiledesk – the new messaging engine is out!

Tiledesk is built on a real-time messaging core. The news is that Tiledesk has a totally new real-time messaging core, a new engine built from scratch and based on the best real-time technology around! The new messaging engine delivers great performance for every message sent through the platform, showing increased speed and reduced latency compared […]

Tiledesk new messaging engine, moving from Firebase to MQTT/RabbitMQ

Actually Tiledesk uses Firebase to deliver messages in real time between all the components of the platform (console, web widget, mobile apps etc.) that directly need to exchange messages. Tiledesk uses the Chat21 chat platform, an open source set of applications, free to use, built and maintained by our Company.Messages are stored both in the Tiledesk database (for […]