26 July 2022

Tiledesk – the next-gen Conversational App

At Tiledesk we always explore the future, so follow us into this deep dive of the next-gen application design: the conversational Apps for customer service! In […]
15 July 2022

RASA chatbots are onboard! No-code, zero-effort integration

Tiledesk is an open source conversational platform. With Tiledesk you can fully customize your conversations to provide your users the next-gen UI model: the conversational application. […]
31 May 2022

Custom authentication with the Tiledesk Widget

Tiledesk provides the option to authenticate your end-users with a custom, certified identity, using JWT authentication, a very easy and market proved authentication technology.
11 May 2022

Take a deep breath with the new Console menu!

10 April 2022

Say hi to Conversational Apps

22 September 2021

Tiledesk – the new messaging engine is out!

Tiledesk is built on a real-time messaging core. The news is that Tiledesk has a totally new real-time messaging core, a new engine built from scratch […]
12 February 2021

Tiledesk new messaging engine, moving from Firebase to MQTT / RabbitMQ

Actually Tiledesk uses Firebase to deliver messages in real time between all the components of the platform (console, web widget, mobile apps etc.) that directly need […]