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Tiledesk Blog Invites Guest Post Submissions

Explore our criteria and put forward your exceptional guest post proposal, or share a fully developed piece through Google Docs

Guest Post Submission Guidelines


We only publish original, insightful content on the following topics:

  • Conversation Flow Design
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Admin Task Automation
  • Chatbot Lead Generation & Qualification
  • Sales Increase with Chatbots
  • WhatsApp Chatbot Applications

We especially welcome thought-leadership pieces by subject-matter experts.

Quality and Plagiarism:

We check each piece of content for quality and plagiarism.


We expect the content to be at least 1000 words in length for us to consider it. Content of 1,500-2,000 words in length will be preferred.


We only publish content written in good English and in a clear, conversational style with a high readability score. We reserve the right to reject a piece of content on the grounds of poor language quality.


We accept only 1 backlink to your company and 2-3 outbound links in the content in total.


Please write in a fully editable Google Doc. Include all images you want to use in the post (we will not consider posts without visuals or formatting). Format the content before submitting it – with clear sections starting from H2s and H3s.

Author Credit:

If you wish the author of the blog to be credited, include a bio with an image at the bottom of the article.