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What’s new on Tiledesk (May ’22 Newsletter)

📢📢📢 Tiledesk Newsletter is officially back! Ever since the beginning of the New Year we have been working hard on our latest updates while pitching our innovative ideas to investors. And guess what? Spread the word, we made it: They liked our AI free live chat and we closed our first investment round to make our Team stronger than ever.

Our vision is to be the center of the conversational platform revolution with our multichannel free live chat with unlimited chatbots. 

Check out Tiledesk‘s state-of-the-art features below.

New Dashboard

It’s all about space. It’s all about the console. We’re the Dandies of new technologies – check out our new Dashboard menu, it’s beautiful! 😍


Take a sneak-peak


Conversation-embedded Apps within Tiledesk Free Live Chat


🎉Check our newest feature: Conversation-embedded Apps! Thanks to this tool, the user can pretty much interact with any web application within the chat without ever leaving the very same conversation. Awesome, right?

You can also start programming an app with the tutorials in the developer zone.


Learn more


Orchestration APIs


⚙️What happens when Humans, Chatbots and Apps work in harmony to solve the end-user’s issue? Everyone’s pretty happy.
To successfully manage a continuous conversation flow between the user and multiple actors, we present tailored orchestration APIs that integrate seamlessly into Tiledesk APIs.


Find out how


New Translations Available in Tiledesk Free Live Chat


🌍Our endeavours to always meet the needs of an international service have resulted in making available our Tiledesk Console and Widget in 8 languages.


Learn more


New Developer Docs Available

📑Two brand new sections are now available on our Developer page about:



Learn more on our Developer Docs site


Fresh New Tutorials

📚Our developers are relentlessly working to provide the up-to-date Community “How To” Guides ready for you to use and have fun!

Conversation-embedded Apps – Learn how to create your first App embedded in the a conversation!
External Chatbots – Learn how to easily handoff the conversation from chatbots to humans.
External Chatbots – Learn how to add Quick Replies from your external chatbots.
External Chatbots – RASA Developer? Programmatically connect RASA to Tiledesk in few easy steps.
Resolution Bot – What is fulfilment? Learn the basics with our intro article for developers.
Resolution Bot – Quickstart with fulfilment with this practical Quick Start!
Resolution Bot – Webhook payload anatomy requirements and discussion.
Resolution Bot – Learn the basics for sending structured messages that go beyond simple text from your fulfilment.
Orchestration tutorials – What is Tiledesk’s orchestration? Here you can find the discussion intro.
Orchestration tutorials – Create a “receptionist” chatbot that “handoffs” to the next chatbot based on the user language.
Orchestration tutorials – Create a chatbot that lets the user choose among the available departments.
Fallback to Knowledge Base – Learn how to programmatically trigger a search in your Knowledge base every time a fallback intent occurs.
Pre Chat Form App – Render your prechat form exactly when the chatbot-human handover occurs and much more!

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