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Free WhatsApp Business API Integration

If you’re reading this, you probably have a basic understanding of how important a free WhatsApp Business integration is for your e-commerce platform. Otherwise, a quick read about it (link) may help before diving into more detail.

Your needs for an advanced & efficient customer service

You have downloaded WhatsApp business by following this guide and now you have to decide what is the most convenient and easy-to-use software that lets you manage all of your clients’ messages, requests and feedback. As any fast-growing business, your thoughts go to costs as well as quality, which isn’t easy to balance out. Unlike other popular live-chat providers, Tiledesk can help you with that. Here’s how.

FREE features to enrich your FREE WhatsApp Business integration

Once you’ve signed up for your free forever account and followed this guide to connect your WhatsApp Business account with Tiledesk, you can explore and tailor a multitude of our product features to help you stay focused, save costs and time and achieve your goals around successful customer care.

STAY FOCUSED: unlimited number of human operators in one place

With Tiledesk you won’t need to worry about the maximum number of your operators – hire as many as you need! Moreover, you can organise your agents in groups and departments according to their skills, experience and a preferred language. That way you will have, for example, focused teams only for sales, assistance or your French clients. You will also have centralised conversations for every digital channel you use (Telegram, FB etc.) in one dashboard. PRO TIP: use tags to categorise and label your customers conversation which will enable you to have an efficient database with easily traceable conversations.

…plus Tiledesk Analytics

With this intuitive tool you’ll be able to analyse all sorts of important aspects of your customer care. For example, you’ll be able to quickly spot the busiest hours of the day and organise your agents’ shifts accordingly. It’ll allow you to measure and improve your KPIs through metrics such as median response time as well as conversations’ length. Importantly, it’ll help you have a clearer idea of what works and what areas require adjustments.

free whatsapp business ingtegration

…plus Multiple Projects

If you have various different businesses and/or websites, you can easily add as many projects for each and one of them. Every project will reflect the need for a personalisation and help you keep your different businesses outlined and in order.

free whatsapp business ingtegration

SAVE COSTS: unlimited free built-in chatbots

Whenever your agents are offline or whenever your customers have a simple query, you can let your chatbots handle the situation. Plus, you don’t have to be a developer to create a chatbot. You’ll save significant labour cost by dividing and streamlining the work between your agents and chatbots. PRO TIP: create your own FAQs database that will be useful in anticipating your customers’ needs and training your chatbots to meet them.

free whatsapp business ingtegration

SAVE TIME: canned responses

There are only so many times your operators will have to type the same exact response. That’s when canned reposes come into play. We’re talking about predefined replies you can pick and choose through a simple click on the selected answer. You can, for example, PRO TIP: save useful canned responses for your agents directly within the chat whenever you spot a frequently repeated response.

free whatsapp business ingtegration

When Free WhatsApp Business integration features are not enough: go Premium

At Tiledesk we pride ourselves with a wide range of free features made available to everyone, contrary to what the SaaS market currently offers. We do, on the other hand, offer premium features too for larger businesses needing support on a higher level of their user experience. You can, for example, enable your operating hours for personalised OOO messages; automatic chat routing to pre-created departments for sales/support; no-coding triggers; smart assignment for a smart distribution of the incoming client conversations; conversational ticketing; unlimited conversation history; your agents activity log for a better supervision and many more. All without lifting a finger. Or at least just for a click.

Feel free to pop in on our Discord channel to meet our team and our community and share your success stories!


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