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Evolution of client communications

Nowadays, when we think about any successful business and its customer support, we think of various digital communication channels, such as website live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. The main reason behind the multitude of these channels is to ease and capture the entire lifecycle of client communication, from pre to post-sales. As a result, there is a consolidated client expected to be able to reach a business in any given way to send a query, request, feedback, or complaint. The latter is quite crucial when it comes to maintaining solid customer satisfaction. You want to be up-to-date about ever-evolving technological means of keeping track of clients’ signalled issues. One way of doing this is through a ticketing system. A ticketing system, on the other side, might distract your attention away from the channel via which you got the reported issue or complaint, such as WhatsApp. It forces you to deal with issues elsewhere, such as via email. The remedy to this big problem? Unify live chat support and ticketing in one place thanks to Tiledesk conversational ticketing.

How does the ticketing system efficiently resolve consumer issues?

Unlike many others, Tiledesk offers a unique solution to a common problem: an obsolete ticketing system. But first thing first: what’s Tiledesk? Tiledesk is the first open-source free live chat that unites chatbots and human agents for customer service. The goal is to provide a nearly impeccable product that has customer satisfaction at heart.
How? AI that allows free unlimited built-in chatbots to be an efficient substitute for your human operators for simple tasks. Then, for more complex issues, a hand-off to an operator is facilitated by the dedicated chatbot itself.
You’ll have all digital channels on one dashboard to boost your customer service, including a ticketing system.
You’ll be able to jump from each communication channel seamlessly and solve clients’ issues in a heartbeat.

Ultimate customer support combo: live chat and ticketing

Time is of the essence when dealing with customer service. Not only do you not want to keep your clients hanging, but you also want to be quick and focused. Ideally, you would like to keep your client-related communication in one place, including your ticketing system. Regardless of your business size, dealing with all clients’ issues in real-time is nearly impossible. This is why it’s crucial to effortlessly retrieve clients’ messages and respective issued tickets exclusively on one platform. How? By combining live chat support with email ticketing to create conversational ticketing.

Still not convinced? According to a Hubspot updated research (June 2022), 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service. Moreover, customers are also getting more impatient, demanding and independent.

Being able to provide an answer within 30 minutes is a challenge. Finding out ways to streamline client communication on one and only platform is crucial. The platform not only encompasses every digital communication channel in one, but it also gives you great organisational and analytical tools. These, for example, include a possibility of assigning different levels of priority to customer conversations and tailored analytics.

How does Unified support Through live chat and ticketing look like

Conversational ticketing: main features

Create a ticket

It is so easy to issue a ticket when talking to a client: as fast as clicking one button, as shown at step 1 below, and populating a pop-up window with relevant info, as per step 2.

live chat support and ticketing

You will then find your ticket-related conversation with the allocated number among all the other current client chats. Your ticket will not slip through the cracks.

tiledesk ticketing

Email ticketing

Since no human agent is available 24/7, additional reassurance that you won’t be missing out on clients’ messages while offline is email notifications of your issued tickets. Importantly, you can switch from the chat channel to the email channel simply by replying to the notification emails when you receive a chat message from your client outside office hours. You can also easily switch from email to chat again by clicking on the link at the footer of the email, as below. You can learn more on how your clients can issue email tickets through live chat and email here.

live chat support and ticketing

Add notes for agents

Do you have more than one agent assigned to your customer service? If you answered yes, you’d be delighted to hear that your agents’ ability to make notes ensures that no useful information is lost. These notes can be public (visible to your team) or private (visible to agents dealing with a specific thread). An agent can leave a brief message for their colleague after a shift regarding anything relevant. Scroll down at the end of a chat to find this feature.

live chat support and ticketing

Add a follower!

If you’re a supervisor or interested in a thread potentially useful in future, you can follow a thread. Just add your or a colleague’s name in the relevant field on the left side of the conversation toolbar, as below.

live chat support and ticketing

Follow these tips and you’ll become a master ticketer!

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