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Intercom and Its features

Since its establishment in 2011, Intercom has mostly served businesses looking to develop customer engagement through instant messaging. Various industries, including ecommerce, have recognized this technology’s benefits for their clients and human employees. As you are here, you undoubtedly already know about the Intercom and its features, but let’s review them quickly before looking at Intercom open-source alternatives to find the best solution.

Intercom began as a simple chat widget, then expanded its messaging platform with several more capabilities. It is now a collection of strong technologies that may be lifesavers for online businesses. It includes a support desk ticketing system, customer management tools, knowledge base management, reporting, chatbots, live chat and other capabilities. These features are critical for any organization to provide the best possible customer service.

We have prepared a list of products that reviewers deemed the most excellent overall Intercom alternatives open source and competitors, including Tiledesk,, Chatwoot, and Chaskiq.

Why do you need an alternative?

Even though Intercome is a big name with many exciting features, there are better solutions for some businesses. Every business, according to their need, should decide about the tools and services to meet their needs. Let’s have a quick glance of some reasons for choosing a substitution:

• Intercom is not an open-source tool.

• Intercom plans starting from $74/mo (for small businesses)

• Pricing is quite costly, and predicting expenditures in advance may be challenging.

• Deciding about features is complex; every feature has a massive upgrade fee.

• Some users claim that their customer service could be more helpful.

Whether you receive what you pay for ultimately determines which intercom option is the best. It’s crucial to evaluate products and services on the market and decide which one best suits your demands to ensure you acquire the best intercom alternative for the lowest price. After reading this article, select the ideal intercom replacement for your requirements.

What is open-source, and why is it important

The phrase “open source” was first used to describe free and open-source software (OSS). Code that is intended to be publicly available is known as open-source software; anybody can read, edit, and distribute the code as they believe appropriate.

Why do people prefer open source?

Freedom: Users of Open Source Software (OSS) can change the program to meet their own requirements. Because they have more control over open-source software, many people like it. They may check the code to ensure that it isn’t doing anything they don’t want it to do and fix any problematic sections.

The Open Source Community has tremendous strength, in our opinion. In reality, we are open source from the very first line of code in our solution.

In order to spur innovation, promote standardization, and enable the exchange of technical know-how among thousands of developers worldwide, we designed Tiledesk as an open-source stack.

Best open-source chatbot for lead generation

Best intercom alternatives (open-source)

best open source chatbot framework


With Tiledesk, you can easily grow your company’s contribution and improve customer satisfaction. Also, engage your consumers at the right time and location to maximize every customer experience. It has a simple implementation and provides many integrations with different marketing tools. Integration with WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, automated messaging, desk software, mobile app, email marketing, and many more. Tiledesk is a strong and flexible open-source chatbot builder with the greatest support experience. Tiledesk is a Customer Communications Platform that displays information about who is using your product or website.

You can see visitor behavior on your website, from which webpage the visitor started the conversation through the widget to understand which service or product the visitor is looking for. It helps support agents and sales teams to provide the best possible customer service and makes it simple to engage with them directly through customized content, behavior-driven messaging, and conversational support.

Some interesting features:

• See who your customers are and what they do

• Qualified Lead Generation and real-time conversation with top leads.

• Use email and messages to get faster responses and resolutions

• Provide self-service support with a combination of knowledge base and chatbot

best intercom alternatives

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Rocket.Chat is an adaptable open-source chat platform that can be used as an in-app messaging to provide consumers with a safe conversational experience. It may also be used as an omnichannel customer support solution by connecting to channels. With this solution, you may increase business efficiency by centralizing and managing interaction with internal and external clients. Remove distractions and benefit from a completely customized interface with a variety of plugins, themes, and integrations with other important applications.

With this open-source alternative to Intercom, you may create a personalized, feature-rich, and adaptable solution to communicate with your customers.

Intercom open-source Alternatives


Chatwoot is another open-source Intercom alternative in this list. It has various exciting integrations with different communication channels to provide a consistent customer experience from a single dashboard. You can communicate with your teammate via private notes without leaving Chatwoot. Chatwoot allows self-hosted installations, enabling you to own your customer data while remaining compliant with laws.

You can host it on your server and be the owner of your customer data. Furthermore, their adaptable interfaces and robust APIs enable you to tackle bespoke support use cases while providing an exceptional experience to your customers, workers, and partners.

open source intercom alternative


The last open-source Intercom alternative is another great tool that provides many different integrations, like initiating video calls with Zoom and scheduling a meeting with Candly. This innovative tool can be considered a conversational marketing platform that can elevate the customer service experience. This tool is expensive, but they have a free trial. Chaskiq’s live chat support auto-assigns conversations and users can upload and download videos and images through the chat widget. This tool also supports outbound automation, inbound marketing, and audience targeting. Chaskiq can connect to several APIs to maximize productivity. For example, their SLACK plugin makes it simple to retain your new Chaskiq chats on a Slack channel in sync.

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